Stop Hiding. Take Off Your Mask. Get Real.

take off your mask

I hate going to work every day. I’ve become an awful, unhappy, rude, de-motivated person that I don’t even like. I want to enjoy my life again without feeling sick all day every day. ~Worker Living in AUSTRALIA We don’t have to turn into a monster that WE don’t even like. We can take off this crazy mask we’ve been wearing while working this job. We can find ourselves, be ourselves and like ourselves.


Make Good Use of Your Time Alone

being alone

I don’t like the long hours (20 weeks working straight). I’m living in India and cannot grasp the culture; it’s demanding work with no reward and I’m cut off from family, friends and have no social life. ~Worker Living in INDIA Okay, well, sometimes we find ourselves having to deal with ourselves…alone…without family, friends or a social network.  At the end of the day we have to deal with ourselves. We have to be with ourselves, our thoughts, our interests, our values, our hopes, and our dreams.  We have to like being with ourselves.  Call it what you want…living on…


You Are Alive…So Live…BE In Your Life

Live Your Life II

I am very unhappy and feel like I should be doing more with my life. I am tired of working for someone else and literally dread coming into the office every day. I hate my boss and tolerate her only because I have to, but each day it gets harder to do that. I feel very strongly that if this is how my life is going to be I’d rather not be in it!  ~Worker Living in ILLINOIS Today, we are here. We are all here. We are all alive…so live…this is your life and no one else’s…BE in your…


Clinically Depressed??? That’s Your Wake-Up Call.

fears and dreams

I have no boundaries between work and home; I am doing two people’s jobs in a culture that doesn’t align with my values. I gave so much recently that I was off work for 5/6 months with clinical depression. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM Being diagnosed with clinical depression because of your job is your wake-up call.  This is the moment you know that something has to change. It’s not easy to get that diagnosis and you certainly don’t want anyone else to know that you are clinically depressed, but YOU know.  You know that being in this particular…


Is It Time For You To Reset and Reflect?


I’m completely burned out and exhausted from years of advancing progressively within this agency only to find higher titles actually reduce the ability to create positive change. I need time to reset and reflect. ~Worker Living in NEW HAMPSHIRE Sometimes in life we just can’t figure it all out where we are.  It’s too much static and noise.  We need everything to stop.  We need to regroup, reset and reflect. Sometimes you don’t even want to go directly to another job because you know that it is not the answer.  You need a breather.  It is not impossible. If you…


Is Your Job Killing Your Soul? Listen Hard and Move On.

listen to your soul

Because it’s killing my soul. I never wanted to be an engineer. I want to finish my technical communication degree more quickly. I feel like I must. ~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA We can get stuck in the safe professions that we fell into.  Those professions may even pay well.  We might be in respectable professions to the outside world…but they are ‘killing our souls’.  If you are in the wrong profession today, just admit it and figure out when and how you can move on.


When Is The Last Time You Felt “Beautiful” About A Career Decision?

beautiful life

The scheduling manager at the organization I work for has decided to give me shifts that are the death knell for any associate–shifts that she has stated she cannot work because she has a family. I have always made it clear that I am only available for part time work because I have family obligations and health concerns that make part time hours a must. However, there has been one reason after another that this manager has needed me to not only work double the hours I signed on for, but also mainly night hours, heavy weekend loads, and shifts…


Think You Made A Mistake Taking Your Job? Remedy It.


I’m miserable here. I’m being pushed very hard to do things that I don’t think I really know how to do and that are increasingly outside of the kind of work that I want to do. The workplace demands a deep, personal commitment to the job – they want this to be a like my life’s mission and not just a job. I understand and support the organizational mission. I think the goals are worthy. However, this will NEVER be more than a job to me. My performance is starting to slide, and I just don’t know how much longer…