To Find Your Purpose You Have To First Find Your Gift…What Are You Naturally Good At Doing?

finding your purpose

I hate the profession. It doesn’t work with my values or my strengths.  It makes me  feel low and takes away everything I like about myself. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM If we are going to work through the “Just Quit” Steps then we need to know ourselves. We need to know our strengths, our weakness, our values, what we like and what we don’t like. We need to know ourselves. Once we know ourselves our purpose will appear. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Do You Wonder If You Deserve A Better Life?

What you deserve

I have more important things in my life than work. I do not deserve to be treated like sh*t and be unappreciated at my place of work. My job has caused serious health issues for me. I do not get sick days or vacations. I can still do whatever I want and not worry about money for over a year. ~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA Today, if you CAN leave your job and you are unhappy AND especially if it is impacting your health, then WHY are you still there?  Don’t you deserve better than this? You are reading from the…


Today Say: “I Want To Feel Alive”. Engaged. Passionate. Connected. It is Possible.


I am not good at my job. I hate going to work. I am always late to work. The work is boring. My boss works on my nerves. I hate presentations. I have no passion for my work. I am not keeping up to date with my profession. People expect me to be an accounting expert which I am not. I am not doing my job. I want freedom. I want a new career. I want to wake up late in the morning. I want a job for which I have passion. I want to be an expert in my job. I want the…


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…or RESULTS? What’s It Going to Be?


I hate it and I have new ideas of how to start my own job. ~Worker Living in MOZAMBIQUE   Stop delaying.  Stop questioning yourself. If you have an idea then pursue it, run it to ground.  Stop thinking about it, stop talking about it, just do it. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live Today’s Worker Lives in Mozambique: It’s in Africa Official Language is Portuguese, but there is a mixture of cultures – Portuguese, African, indian, and Arabic Currency: Meticais Many live in villages in mud houses On the coast of the Indian Ocean People use…


Eliminating The Option of Staying At Your Current Job Is Half Of The Battle


I want to change career fields and staying at my current position; which is so demanding and not enjoyable; I hardly can find time to pursue my interests in the new career field.  I’m trying my best but staying at my current job is just not an option anymore. ~Worker Living in SLOVENIA Once we KNOW we can eliminate the option of staying at our current job then we are more than half way there. Even though making the DECISION to “Just Quit” is only one Step it is the most important Step.   Until you make that DECISION nothing…


Be Creative When You Work The “Just Quit” Steps…Connect the Dots


The job I have is making me sick, physically sick just thinking about being there makes me ill. It’s where hard work is ignored and politics are constantly at play. It’s a place that discourages development and growth of its team and encourages “top down” mechanics under the guise of being a company run on new age defining principles. It’s a place where I feel creatively stifled even though I have a creative role. I have no desire to work within the field I’m in anymore and there is so much more to life that I have true interest in….


Don’t Let Any J-O-B Kill Your Soul…Honor Your Soul Today

Your Soul

This job makes my soul shrivel into a tiny, angry, bitter little ball of cynicism.  It is negatively affecting the rest of my life. It is a very unhealthy environment and a terrible way to spend so much of my time. ~Worker Living in VIRGINIA Today, I will honor myself and my soul.  I will not let this or any job kill my soul. My soul. Say that:  “My soul.” When you say it concentrate on how your body feels. It tingles and responds….it’s not My soul; it’s My Soul. Wow…honor your Soul today.  You are reading from the book “Just…


You Can Get What You Need While You Are Miserable…Play Your Hand Well…

Playing Your Hand

I feel stuck in my job and my career. I’ve been plotting this years ago, but I was waiting to get some things I needed (loans, a surgery paid through the healthcare, etc.). Now I’ve got all I need. It’s time to quit and start over.            ~Worker Living in COLOMBIA SOUTH AMERICA We don’t have to just sit there and be miserable. We can get what we need while we are being miserable. If we know what we need: be it a degree, a certification, surgery or the magical five-year mark for 401K’s and pensions:…