Enlightened Knowledge Age Workers Considering Taking the “Just Quit” Risk

taking risks

Below are the survey entries from August 8, 2015 – August 22, 2015.  It has become apparent to me that publishing a weekly Podcast is very time-consuming. I’ll figure something else out to GIVE VOICE to this issue; but for now below are the entries from the last two weeks. Hang in there everyone.  You are NOT crazy and you are NOT alone. YOU are on the right track.  The working world is changing and some workers are waking up and are what I call the “enlightened knowledge age workers”.  Yes, Just Quitting is a risk…but… Why Are You Thinking…


Message to “This Little Piggy”

Don't worry...pigs CAN fly...

The below survey entry came in yesterday  – Way too much stress. Lack of direction. Not enough resources to complete project. Doubt anyone wants me there and I was told to find work elsewhere by a co-worker before I applied and I wish I would have left that position in good standing and never looked back. I took the job and I failed like I was told I would. My family considers me worthless now that I took a government job and probably disinherited me. Don’t be surprised if this little piggy goes to market and ends up in the…


Voices of The Painfully Employed Podcast #4


It is Sunday and time for the voices of the painfully employed.  There have been many entries since my last post and podcast.  I have decided to select just a few entries to record this week.  I’ve tried to cover several countries, generations, salary levels and job titles. (So sorry for all of the spikes in the audio, but I don’t have the time right now that it is going to take to correct them…maybe one day this week I’ll have time to work on fixing it…maybe not…) Below are all the entries that have come in from July 2oth…


Voices of the Painfully Employed Podcast #3

weather the storm

 Podcast #3 Survey Entries July 12th – 19th, 2015 If you’ve stumbled on this Blog and Podcast and you’re painfully employed just know that you will weather this storm…hold on…just hold on.  You are not alone.  There are others feeling like you are. You are validated.  Work the Just Quit Steps while you hold on.    Below are the job titles/industries for this week: Research Nurse Events Hospital Registrar Vice President of sales Healthcare Sales market research Sales Assistant in a Retail Bakery lawyer Business Analyst/All kinds of industries/Information Technology Insurance administration Manager Education manager Financial Services Architect research Administration for…


Voices of the Painfully Employed Podcast #2

choice = power

It is Sunday at 4pm which is the hour of doom for those painfully employed. If you found this post, please know that you are not alone. Above is Episode 2 of Just Quit & Live Giving Voice to the Painfully Employed. Hang in there and remember you have the power of choice. Do something this week to work your “Just Quit” & Live Plan. Below are the job title/industries represented in the above podcast: Risk Consultant Senior Executive /manufacturing /hr Consultant Network support specialist/hr specialist Surgical tech Legal Consultant, governemnt agency factory worker Transportation Supervisor Bussing retail clerk / cashier…


The 8th Habit – Finding Your Voice

finding your  voice

Not sure how this one got past me, but I listened to the 8th Habit yesterday by Stephen Covey. Before scouting/shopping for boho stuff to add to my Etsy site I went to the library to find a play-away to listen to when I ran across the 8th Habit. It was written 10 years ago, but is relevant today. Covey talked about moving from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age and how Knowledge Age workers will not be satisfied with the old ways they were “managed” –  like things.  Knowledge workers would be looking for “meaning and purpose”.   The main…