Just Quit is Possible…Really It Is…

DO that

…not tomorrow…or next week…you CAN Just Quit today if you want to. Just Quit thinking it’s hopeless. It’s not.  Just Quit thinking it’s about money in the bank…nope…it’s about ALL available sources of money. You might have to cash it out…vacation, 401K, the house, stuff (or junk) you don’t need; stop buying (or charging) more junk you don’t need; stop going to get $7 Latte’s; stop giving your money to a “church” that wouldn’t give you or a needy person a dime if they needed it (the truth hurts); and a bunch of other stuff we do just because that’s what…


The Human Economy Is Coming

Adaptable Mind

For those who want to “Just Quit” their jobs, don’t fret.  You are AHEAD of others who are settling, those who are just going thru the motions or pretending.  This morning I heard Tiffany Shlain talk about Growing Up the Internet and it was like the cacophony of noise in my head turned into a melody.  I realized that this segment of the working world population (those who find my blog) want something more, and below is what they crave…the something more…  SOMETHING MORE: Stop complaining, right now and today.  This moment.  STOP COMPLAINING. STOP FRETTING about how much you…


Work: Is It A Form Of Mental Slavery?

Mental Slavery

The below comment came in this weekend from someone who works in Ad Sales for a Magazine: “I feel like a mental slave every day. My ancestors were slaves, fought for their freedom, and now I am letting myself get trapped into legal and socially acceptable slavery.” Mental Slavery: What a concept. Many workers aren’t working in physically exhausting jobs, but are mentally exhausted.  Just googling mental slavery was interesting. Letting yourself get trapped:  The first step to getting unstuck is to admit that you are stuck and feel like a slave. You can then do something about it. Legal…


Share the Wealth With Basic Income

We Rule You

With a basic income those who want to “Just Quit” could. Monthly Income With this income you could pay off your debt and start saving to have six months of expenses so you could move on from a job making you mentally and physically ill. Yes, it’s political (because it’s about who gets the money), but it’s practical (give the money to the people). The more I study it the more it makes sense. At The Bottom This is an image that I CAN NOT get out of my head. It haunting to me. Haunting. It’s all those people at…


4th Industrial Revolution – The Human Impact

4th Industrial Revolution

I will begin tweeting some survey results. I will not be able to tweet every survey entry because there are too many. We currently have over 7,500 entries from 117 countries. I want the world to understand that folks who want to “Just Quit” their jobs are NOT crazy, they are NOT lazy, and they are NOT quitters.  They are innovators, they are brave, they are honest and they are ahead of the pack. Something dramatic is happening in the world work as we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution and people worldwide are feeling the pain of these changes….


Danaja’s Place – Moving Forward

Move forward don't look back

  Back in 2014 I registered the name Danaja’s Place with the City, then I changed the name of my Etsy shop to Danaja’s Place and started collecting boho fashion to list. A couple of weeks ago I posted the Corners post. I went to a couple of bookstores and even the library and envisioned somebody in the corner helping people flesh out their ideas. Giving people hope that they can “Just Quit” dead-end jobs, and/or create a life worth living while they work those jobs. A place to learn the skills that will be needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution…


Finding Your Place. Takes Courage. Come to Corners at Your Local Bookstore.

The corner

Not another job. Not another title. Not another city. Not another country.  Look for a corner. Look for where your piece fits into the puzzle of life.   Make it a corner piece.    Yesterday the below came in from the Just Quit Survey: “It takes a great deal of courage to step off the hamster wheel of being a slave for others, to bear everyone’s concern, pity & ideas about how things are & how things can’t be changed because that’s the way everything has been done.”   It reminded me of all the people afraid to step off the hamster wheel, even…