Maybe You Don’t Have To Push Yourself Forward. Maybe You Just Have To Stop Holding Yourself Back. ~Doe Zantamata

Holding Ourselves Back

I’ve been there too long, going nowhere; in fact I’m going backwards. Work has affected my mood. ~Worker Living in South Africa Sometimes not only are we not going forward but we are going backwards. We are losing ground. If you are going backwards, it’s time to stop and regroup.  What do you need to do today to stop this slide backwards?


Never Forget Who Was There For You When No One Else Was…Find Support

never forget

I am sick to death of my job. I’ve been through a crisis and my work city is not where my support networks are. ~Worker Living in the United Kingdom At the end of the day we need support. We need others to be there for us.  We need someone we can trust to talk things over with.  We need a system or a network of support.   Today, cultivate your support system. Find one safe person in your life and talk to them about what is going on at the job. If you can’t find one person then trust yourself…say: ”I can…


Learn To Balance A Dream And A Job Until Your Dream Becomes Your Job


I lose a lot of time on work and cannot pursue my interests which in turn cannot be created into a career that I want to create it into. So, it is a vicious cycle of making ends meet so that we have some money to pursue what we really like, but lose time for pursuing the things we truly like. And we get back in the cycle of earning more money and trading time. ~Worker Living in New Jersey Yes, there is a cycle of doing what we are doing to make money verses having the time to do…


If You Always Do What You Always Did You’ll Always Get What You Always Got ~ Einstein

Do Something Different

I have been looking for another job for the past 5 years. I have done at least 2-4 interviews a year and still haven’t gotten another job. I’ve been burnt out from my current job for the past three years (I’ve been at my current job for 9 years). We recently changed companies and the new management has been hard to deal with. More than 5 managers have left on their own just within the past 5 months. I try to go in with positivity but it always quickly turns into negativity due to the lack of communication and the…


Once You Make A Decision The Universe Conspires To Make It Happen – Emerson

making the decision

I’ve already made the decision. No growth. Dead end. I give more than I receive. No respect. Company is too small. ~Worker Living in North Carolina You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live Today, ask yourself: Do I need to quit this job? It’s a yes or no answer. No big deal, just a decision. Make it. You are not deciding “when” or “how” to quit; you are only deciding “if” you need to quit.


Who Am I? Ask Yourself That Over & Over Again.

Be Still and Know

I am quitting my job because my boss is disrespectful to all his employees. He has no problem belittling and embarrassing us in front of the patients and he is just rude in general. I am constantly stressed, always in a sour mood and have gained 15 pounds since I started there three months ago. I do not have another job lined up but I feel that for the sake of my mental and physical health this is the best solution. ~Worker Living In Wisconsin Today, take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself; “Who am I?” …