The 8th Habit – Finding Your Voice

finding your  voice

Not sure how this one got past me, but I listened to the 8th Habit yesterday by Stephen Covey. Before scouting/shopping for boho stuff to add to my Etsy site I went to the library to find a play-away to listen to when I ran across the 8th Habit. It was written 10 years ago, but is relevant today. Covey talked about moving from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age and how Knowledge Age workers will not be satisfied with the old ways they were “managed” –  like things.  Knowledge workers would be looking for “meaning and purpose”.   The main…


Deciding To Be Happy & Uniquely You

Be Unique Today

Today, whatever day you find this post and read it – DECIDE to be happy — just try it for a day.   Don’t worry about why you aren’t happy, can’t be happy, shouldn’t be happy — just “pretend” like you ARE happy. Half of  the battle of “being” happy is being okay with who you are right here and now and knowing that you are working towards finding your place in the world. You might not be where you want to be, but just be where you are.  Just for today, forget about being miserable in your job.  Forget…


People Are The Common Denominator In Stressful Workplaces

compassion and strength

Daily I read the Just Quit survey results.  Daily there are people all of the world responding and looking for hope, looking for a way out of their stressful work situations. As I look at the reasons people want to just quit there are many “individual” reasons.  This week we had 40 entries…40 folks who want to quit because of management, bullying, stress, coworkers, unprofessionalism, the culture, terrible bosses, etc. As I look for a common denominator it is PEOPLE.  Not just PEOPLE, but PEOPLE who don’t value other PEOPLE.  PEOPLE who are not compassionate, don’t show empathy, are striving…


This Or Something Better

this or something better

When you are in a job where you are miserable, or just at a place you want to leave, you can get caught up in trying to frantically search for a way out.  The job interview you just went on has to work out.  Why? Because you need out of your current job immediately.  If you have had a few jobs at this point in your life it can become a vicious cycle (new job – misery – new job – misery…).  There is another WAY to approach a chronic job stress situation: ADD three words to your desire to get…


Time to Pursue Meaningful Labor


I recently added a question to the survey.  Originally I did not want to be too intrusive, but was curious what people did/where they worked.  At the very end of this blog post are some of the answers to that question.  As I move back to “really” blogging and not just reviewing the book by blogging the daily entries it has occurred to me that creating art is meaningful labor to me.  It is art show season so for the next 4-5 months my weekends will be filled with either creating art or setting up at art shows.  The last couple…


Finally Finished Blogging The Book


After six months of writing the book and one year of blogging the book below is what I learned: You can do anything you set your mind to do. Making a commitment and fulfilling it no matter if it is only to yourself requires determination and grit.  Having a cause that you care about in this world gives your life meaning. Helping other people is what living a good life is really all about. Don’t expect everybody to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Continue to stay the course no matter how much it appears that nothing…