It Does Matter How We Leave Our Jobs. We Need To Leave With Integrity and Dignity.

How to Leave

Being at a job for over 19 months that I didn’t go to school for is more than enough. I need to gain experience and have an interest in what I am doing. I don’t enjoy the majority of the people I work with. My boss is an ogre who leaves for hours at a time only to give me minimal instruction or support. I don’t have any benefits and the only thing that keeps me there is the pay which is higher than most jobs for people my age. ~Worker Living in PENNSYLVANIA While we are on the job…


Your Ideas, A Book, A Cause…CREATE something you are proud of, is needed and offer it up to the world.

Sell Yourself

I psychologically can’t handle working with sales. The downs in sales, makes me feel worthless. ~Worker Living in DENMARK Today, I will work on my sales pitch for MYSELF. A sales pitch for an idea that I have, a book I want to promote, a cause I’m passionate about, my art, my music, my next interview, my whatever…I will sell myself…even if it is only to myself. We are all sales people. We are not worthless. We all have value. We have something to offer to the world and we need to offer it up. You are reading from the…


Take a Break From the Rat Race & Follow YOUR Dreams

Follow dreams

I need a sabbatical, recuperation, and I want to work on other projects. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM We all need a break from time to time. How wonderful it would be if we could “Just Quit” our jobs on a trial basis and come back in three months if we decided to; if we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do; if we had enough income for that three months to be able to live comfortably; to do what we really want to do for just three months. Well, that’s not how it is; but what if…


Waiting While Miserable In A Job Is Hard; But Don’t Quit Until You Have a Plan


I am miserable in my current job and I do not enjoy it. I want to leave the job so I can think and decide on something I would like to do. ~Worker Living in BAHRAIN If you don’t know what you would like to do then you need to focus all of your efforts on that. The answer may not come like a bolt of lightning out of thin air. No one is going to give you the final answers about what you like and what you should do. You have to make this decision for yourself. Yes, you…


Work on Finding The Right Industry and Profession So You Can Do Great Work

Do great work

I am just not interested in the corporate planning industry. ~Worker Living in SINGAPORE Today, I will research industries and professions that I am interested in. I will work on Step 4 – Finding My Purpose You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live P.S. Below are some helpful links: http://www.onetonline.org/ http://www.careerinfonet.org/ http://www.canadiancareers.com/ https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/Pages/Home.aspx http://australia.gov.au/topics/employment-and-workplace/career-information http://www.quintcareers.com/researching_companies.html


Yes, “Just Quit” Is A Risk…BUT…It Can Lead To The Good Life

good life

I studied very hard thinking that I would live a good life after I graduated, but I think I’m the most unhappy person. I hate this place. I don’t care about my job anymore. I feel like this is punishment for something terrible that I did. I am a lot happier when I’m at home, with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I’m happy even when I’m in class and doing everything else outside of my job. My job is tiring and makes me feel sick and the worst thing is the night shift. I feel like crying like a baby…


Please Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Crush Your Dreams

Student Loan Debt

I want to relocate and be with my fiancé.  I want to change careers to be somewhere where I am full-time and have benefits since I am currently part-time with no benefits.  I have student loans coming due for payment. Bigger City = Bigger Opportunities and I want to get out of my parent’s home. ~Worker Living in ILLINOIS Oh, to be young and starting out. Hopes, dreams, opportunities, and student loans. WAIT, student loans, that doesn’t fit with hopes, dreams and opportunities. No, it doesn’t; but it’s a fact of life for many of us. Student loans, credit card…


If You Fell Into Your Profession…You Don’t HAVE To Stay…

Decide What To Be

In addition to providing no challenge, or fulfillment — my current job is completely unrelated to my personal interests and values. I fell into the position because it paid very well and came with a certain degree of prestige, but I’ve never truly been interested in the work, or the industry and I’ve been looking for a way out since I hit the three-month mark (I’m currently a week shy of two years). I’m not able to use my natural strengths, and I am 100% confident that this job is in no way related to my true purpose. I can…