The Future – A Plan – A Better Day – Just Hold On

the future

I feel depressed every morning when I drive to work. Sometimes I cry, often I just want to. I don’t spend enough time with my fiancée and I haven’t even been able to make plans towards our wedding because I’m tired every day. ~Worker Living in the United Kingdom Today, we need to take a look at our lives and our future. What are we looking forward to? What are our plans for the future? Now, how does our current job fit into our future? We’re just taking a look down the road at our future. Exactly how does this…


Look At The Hand You’ve Been Dealt. Now Be Creative And Play It Well.

Play Your Hand

I am bored at my job and I’m not learning anything that pertains to my degree that I am pursuing. Since I am about to graduate I want to spend my time working on my portfolio and learning things that pertain to my career and find a new job. ~Worker Living in VIRGINIA You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live Sometimes we can find ourselves in the situation where we are pursuing a degree for a particular profession, but we are currently working in a different profession. It can be frustrating because we don’t feel like we can…


Feeling Like A Failure? GREAT. Join the Club. Now S-t-a-r-t Again.


I work over 12 hour days during the work week and still work on the weekends and I am still behind. Upper Management is now giving me attitude no matter what I tell them about the challenges and what I have done to try and overcome them. My health is being affected and I am always finding myself sick. No matter how much harder I try to catch up there is more workload coming at me. ~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live Today, figure out EXACTLY how much time during the week that…


You Only Live Once – WRONG. You Live Everday…You’ll Only Die Once…

live fully

Because I dislike who I have become.  I am drained all the time and this is affecting my home life. I want to be able to spend quality time with my son without falling asleep or not being able to listen to his daily adventures while he is talking because I am trying to wind down from my work day so I can be ready for tomorrow. I am over worked and under paid as well as unappreciated. This job is affecting my confidence level in many areas in my life and it just isn’t worth it anymore. ~Worker Living…


Chronic Job Stress Is Like A Cancer…Remove It & Live Out Your Passions

Seek Your Passion

I hate it. I wake up every day mad because I have to work that job. It’s a cancer in my life and future. ~Worker Living in OHIO You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live You can make a change. You can remove the chronic job stress that is like a cancer in your life.  If you have identified that your job is like a cancer in your life – you can remove it and heal yourself with work that does not cause you pain. P.S. After more than two years of reading and meditating on the survey…


Thank You For Being A Teacher


I have been a teacher for going on 10 years . I never have liked it. I would love it if I were teaching PE, which was my major, but instead I am teaching Engineering, which I hate! I have a bachelor’s in physical education with minors in biology and health. I started off as a Jr High Science Teacher. Now I’m also teaching three High School engineering classes that I took two week trainings on (not enough). The evaluation system and paperwork is getting worse. I am not a good teacher. I never have been good at getting up…