Be Honest With Yourself About Your Job

lying to yourself

I dislike what I do. I chose my profession as the backup to the career I really wanted. I have not moved into the career that I wanted and my chosen career takes all my time. Every day, I wake up depressed about going into my job. I even cry in the shower and the car on the way to work. I am so emotionally drained from the work week; I don’t have any energy to pursue my passions. I shy away from friends and family because I don’t want to talk about my job, and perhaps show how depressed…


No More Excuses

no more excuses

I’ve been ready to leave since 2010 but fear and money has kept me from making the decision. There is nothing wrong with the job or the people, but I know in my heart this is not what I want to continue to do, because it fills me with dread every day. The feeling has only grown worse over the years. In 2010 I set up a website which is my ultimate dream of being able to earn my income, but working full-time is making it very difficult to spend the time I need on my website. ~Worker Living in…


Skydive Into Your Future


I’m not professionally happy and feel undervalued in my current role. My job no longer motivates me to work hard and contribute 100%. I also feel burnt out after 15 years of working at high speeds in a high demand environment. I have a decent bit of money saved up (enough for at least 4-6 months) and feel confident that I can tap my network for consulting opportunities to fill the gap in long- term employment. ~Worker Living in NEW YORK After you have worked the Steps and the kinks in the plan then it’s time to take the “Just…


STOP Playing It Safe

Stop Playing It Safe

I am constantly wrong in my bosses eyes and I cannot do anything right. I have been accused of unfounded and baseless actions regarding customer service, job performance, time management, accused of saying things that were untrue, and using foul language contributing to the bad behavior. I’ve been alerted that this job may not be a good fit, by my immediate supervisor. I have been told I am a phenomenal manager, but I need to work twice as hard because I am a person of color to prove to them that I can do the job, bigger, better and faster….


Don’t Stop Believing In Your Ideas


I have two business ideas. One is developing websites which I have clients already. The other is an idea I know will work:-) ~Worker Living in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA We all have ideas. Sometimes we have too many ideas.  We can’t figure out which one or ones to pursue. We’ve tried stuff before and it didn’t work out. We failed. We failed again and again with idea after idea. What makes us think this idea is going to work AND eventually pay the bills? We won’t know unless we flesh it out. Today, gather your ideas.  Write them down….


Fear Is A Choice…So Is Courage

Fear is a choice

Because after 18 months in that toxic and unprofessional environment that supports bullying and lying, I can no longer pretend to enjoy my role. I am still unsure what my responsibilities are. There is no scope for growth for me and I report to an incompetent lying lazy person whom I do not trust. Thinking of going to work makes me feel sick despite fighting the feelings of negativity. ~Worker Living in New Zealand When we know it’s time to leave, then it’s time to leave. We don’t have to second hundred guess ourselves. When it’s time to go; then…


“May My Boss Be Happy Today Day”

Happy Boss Day

I am not happy at all doing what I’ve been doing. I feel bored doing the same thing over and over again for the past few quarters and I don’t work well with the new superior. If I’m allowed to… I’d call him a jerk! ~Worker Living in MALAYSIA We have all been there at one point or another where we think our boss or the bosses are jerks.  They don’t listen, they don’t care, they this and they that.  You can think they are jerks and you can even call them that (to yourself of course) but what does…


Life Is About Letting Go…Not Holding On

let go joseph campbell

I want to do something different. ~Worker Living in BELGIUM In order to do something different we have to let go of what we currently are doing. Letting go is difficult, so don’t expect it to be easy. You have to let go of what you currently have in order to let come something different. Life is about letting go, not holding on. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live