This Is Your Life, You Can Decide How To Live It.

Hope not fears

I’m working for a narcissist. His sarcastic, rude comments are more than I can bear anymore. He repulses me. I am depressed from having to deal with this individual. I too have looked for another job without success. I feel stuck and I want to “Just Quit”. ~Worker Living in Arkansas When we work for people who we know are mentally ill it can be a challenge. It IS a challenge. We have to second guess our every move and endure needless verbal abuse…for what…a paycheck, health benefits, a job?  We all know that everything changes, because it does. Eventually…


Grow From Your Situtation

grow through dirt

I need to have TIME back – I hate feeling that the job is impossible and I am inadequate! I’m in education – but the English system is too ridiculous I want to return to Ireland where I’m originally from and I want ME back. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM Who is “me”? Depending on how you look at it you might never get that “me” back again. Even when you come out of your depression; or get out of this job; the “me” that you were before this is not the “me” that you should be after this. Know…


Stop Just Going Through The Motions…Why Were You Born?


I don’t like paperwork and my job is very boring.  I can’t find myself and I don’t like spending most of my life doing this or being in this place. ~Worker Living in Switzerland Finding yourself is the greatest gift that you can give the world.  Discovering the reason that you were born and are in the world is what life is all about.  If you are just going from day to day, going through the motions – STOP. You are here in the universe for a reason…only you can find out why…that’s why you’re here to play your part…find…


Are You “Stepping In” To Fill A Role At Work? Maybe It’s Time To Step Back.

Step Back

I was hired as a Product Mgr. (PM) in a start up with a sound value proposition. I have responsibility to enhance it. Part of my expectation is that I want to focus on PM, and I was told that they were hiring a VP of Eng. Although the title seemed too lofty, it satisfied my condition that there is a design execution counterpart to my role, so I can focus on the role I want to fulfill. The Eng. Mgr. did not work out.  After three months of my happy period where I was delivering good work products (not…


Somebody Cares About You…Don’t Give Up…Hold On To HOPE


I have been off work from anxiety disorder and depression since July. I believe that the current (and continuing) environment is toxic and triggers my sensitivities to both disorders. I have been on medication and to therapy since – I have the option to go back in January. However as much as I think I have changed, I don’t think that environment has improved. While I think I could go back and handle the work, I think I would be very unhappy and it would start to deteriorate all the work I have put into my mental health over the…