A College Degree Is Very Important, If You Don’t Have One…But It’s No Guarantee for Workplace Fit or Happiness.

YES get your degree, but do the hard work of figuring out what you're good at, passionate about and get a degree that works for you.

I’m not in my field that I have seven years of education and two degrees for. I haven’t progressed professionally in four years for the lack of understanding what I actually do. I have been to three therapists for depression dealing with my current lifestyle and this job. ~Worker Living in Arizona Back to the myth that “schooling” is the key that opens all doors. It’s not and we know that.  We have too many examples of folks who made it big without even finishing high school.  Then on the other hand we have folks that have several degrees and…


Are You Working With Your Type of People? If Not, It’s Time To Find Your Tribe.

This is a plaque I made after reading this poll entry...

A year after a former employer was acquired and a merger is complete, I have realized that these are just not “my people”. They do not do anything that I am proud of. They do not “make” anything, only manipulate information. The subject matter bores me. My mind goes to a beach on an island or a hiking trail in the mountain within the first 30 seconds of every meeting. I disagree with leaders in their approach in some aspects of business. I am now behind the scenes, and client contact is what I always enjoyed, but the types of positions…


Self Respect Means Knowing and Doing What Is Best For You

Self Respect

I’m tired of being taken advantage of and disrespected. I’m tired of working my a** off for minimum wage and pouring my heart into a franchise I can’t change. Along with a penny pinching boss that defines cheap. (Broken furnace gets space heaters). ~Worker Living in CANADA   Today I will show respect.  I will start with showing myself respect. One of the universal truths; no matter who you are, where you were born, your race, your color or any other social factors is that ALL people want respect. They want to be treated with dignity and feel like they count. …


This Is Your Life, You Can Decide How To Live It.

Hope not fears

I’m working for a narcissist. His sarcastic, rude comments are more than I can bear anymore. He repulses me. I am depressed from having to deal with this individual. I too have looked for another job without success. I feel stuck and I want to “Just Quit”. ~Worker Living in Arkansas When we work for people who we know are mentally ill it can be a challenge. It IS a challenge. We have to second guess our every move and endure needless verbal abuse…for what…a paycheck, health benefits, a job?  We all know that everything changes, because it does. Eventually…


Grow From Your Situtation

grow through dirt

I need to have TIME back – I hate feeling that the job is impossible and I am inadequate! I’m in education – but the English system is too ridiculous I want to return to Ireland where I’m originally from and I want ME back. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM Who is “me”? Depending on how you look at it you might never get that “me” back again. Even when you come out of your depression; or get out of this job; the “me” that you were before this is not the “me” that you should be after this. Know…