Self-Made or Never Made…What’s It Going To Be?

Self Made or Never Made

Because I do not feel fulfilled. I do not feel I am living my purpose. Furthermore, I am fed up with management treating professional adults like elementary kids. I feel I will be free for the opportunities to flow my way. ~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA Step 11 – Living our purpose. When we start living our purpose for being then opportunity will start flowing our way.  Doors will open. Ideas will come. People will appear.  The possibilities will seem endless. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Your Dues Have Been Paid In Full…Now Go…Live Fully

Paying Our Dues

I’ve been incredibly unhappy the past few years. I started by taking jobs that no one wanted to do in my department in order to “pay my dues”. Now I’m doing the job I had thought I wanted but I’m still unhappy. The staff has changed since I first started out, and my boss who mentored me is gone. My bossy co-worker is my new boss and doesn’t have any idea of the weekends, evenings and happiness I sacrificed in order to get here. He doesn’t trust me to do my job without looking over it, and requires everything to…


Clarity: Knowing What To Ignore & Letting Go of What Is Not Working


I am thinking about quitting my job without another one because I need clarity. I spend so much of my life working or in school and worrying about if my decision to quit will affect my entire family. I know I need to take some time off to find some clarity, but I get so nervous that I always talk myself out of it. My brain is fried and my body is weak. I just can’t take the fact knowing that I am still working in hell. ~Worker Living in OHIO Today, ask for clarity, right now and today. We…


Emotional Intelligence Gives You The Power To Move Forward

colors of life

I have nothing but contempt and feel as if my life is being wasted. ~Worker Living in NEW JERSEY On Plutchik’s color wheel of emotions, the emotion of contempt is between rage, anger, loathing and disgust. If I have contempt for my job today I will ask myself:  “Why am I living in this swirl of negative emotions? How can I balance it with joy, trust, and anticipation?”  It’s not a trick question.  We need to balance negative emotions with positive ones. How can we do that today? You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Get Beyond the WHY and Move on to HOW to Connect to Your Purpose

your purpose help others

This job is such a spiritual, emotional and integrity disconnect.  I fantasize about escape every day and can’t breathe.  I know there has to be more to life.   ~Worker Living in FLORIDA In order for us to get connected back to ourselves, our hopes, our dreams, and our purpose we have to know if we are disconnected. If we KNOW we are disconnected it doesn’t really matter why.  We all know the reason why…we needed a job…we need a salary…we haven’t been able to find another job…ect…ect…ect…, but NONE of that truly matters…we are still disconnected. Get beyond WHY and…


See Your Boss Today As Just Another Person With Problems, Hopes and Dreams…Just Like You.

be the boss

I feel unappreciated and undervalued and my boss does not listen.  My job is  manual and the data entry is killing my arm. I pulled my side muscle lifting boxes. The boss is always making snide remarks about someone, and I got one of my co-worker a job and it has been a hell hole ever since. ~Worker Living in ARKANSAS Our bosses are just people.  They are just people like we are.  They are people with problems, families, issues, hopes, and dreams. Have you ever considered that people can’t give you something that they don’t have to give?  Have…


Want to Be Creative? It’s Going to Cost You…Time….Energy…Courage.

creativity is

My job is making me dull and unimaginative. This is not the job I want to do. It makes me sad when I wake up in the mornings. ~Worker Living in INDIA Today, think of one creative idea. Think of and write down just one creative idea. You are not dull. You are not unimaginative. You are creative. Just think –  if we all just thought of ONE creative idea today what might happen?  Our sparks of creativity might materialize into creating something new that could change the world. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


The Corporate Grind – A Powerful Force To Help You Decide To Pursue Your Purpose

decide to be

I cannot seem to get the clarity and focus to even figure out what I am passionate about. It seems to me I just may need to remove the stress, and tension that the corporate grind promotes before I can really move in the right direction. ~Worker Living in MASSACHUSETTS How close are you to completing Step 1 of the “Just Quit” Steps? When you get to the point where you KNOW as hard as you have tried that you must remove the tension and stress of your job to move forward; you are close to making the decision to…