Being Grateful For Your Journey

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“We can look upon a road from two different points of view. One regards it as dividing us from the object of our desire. In that case, we count every step of our journey over it as something obtained by force in the face of obstruction. The other sees it as the road which leads us to our destination, and as such, it is part of our goal. It is already the beginning of our attainment, and by journeying over it, we can only gain that which within itself it offers to us.”  —Rabindranath Tagore  On the road of “LETTING…


Letting Come A Life Until You Can “Just Quit”

I will have a boat here in this marina in Hampton, VA in 10 years.

Sometimes you have to start building before you are allowed to let go of what is not working. Daily after reviewing the Just Quit survey results I realize that most people feel HOPELESS because they: Hate or feel burned out with what they are currently doing; and Don’t know what they are passionate about; or Can’t seem to do what they are passionate about and make enough money doing that thing.  I mean basically that is what is boils down to for folks who find this blog.  Even if folks are not at the point of typing into google something that…


Labor Day, Finding Work You Love and Making Choices

Begin by asking yourself tough questions and be honest with the answers

Happy Labor Day to all of those laboring.  Below are some labor related quotes to ponder today and throughout the week.    


Enlightened Knowledge Age Workers Considering Taking the “Just Quit” Risk

taking risks

Below are the survey entries from August 8, 2015 – August 22, 2015.  It has become apparent to me that publishing a weekly Podcast is very time-consuming. I’ll figure something else out to GIVE VOICE to this issue; but for now below are the entries from the last two weeks. Hang in there everyone.  You are NOT crazy and you are NOT alone. YOU are on the right track.  The working world is changing and some workers are waking up and are what I call the “enlightened knowledge age workers”.  Yes, Just Quitting is a risk…but… Why Are You Thinking…


Message to “This Little Piggy”

Don't worry...pigs CAN fly...

The below survey entry came in yesterday  – Way too much stress. Lack of direction. Not enough resources to complete project. Doubt anyone wants me there and I was told to find work elsewhere by a co-worker before I applied and I wish I would have left that position in good standing and never looked back. I took the job and I failed like I was told I would. My family considers me worthless now that I took a government job and probably disinherited me. Don’t be surprised if this little piggy goes to market and ends up in the…


Voices of The Painfully Employed Podcast #4


It is Sunday and time for the voices of the painfully employed.  There have been many entries since my last post and podcast.  I have decided to select just a few entries to record this week.  I’ve tried to cover several countries, generations, salary levels and job titles. (So sorry for all of the spikes in the audio, but I don’t have the time right now that it is going to take to correct them…maybe one day this week I’ll have time to work on fixing it…maybe not…) Below are all the entries that have come in from July 2oth…