Being Grateful No Matter What

gratitude parent virtue

Be Grateful even if things aren’t working out like you hoped. Be Grateful first thing in the morning…even if you don’t want to go to your job. Be Grateful that…this too shall end. Just live in a space of gratitude.  Why not?  Being Miserable….is a miserable way to live. Be Grateful.


Never Say Never

let go joseph campbell

Never say never because you don’t know what the future holds. Case in point: I’m back in purchasing, but with a twist.  I’m combining purchasing and training by working in procurement compliance.  It pretty fascinating because I can blend one thing I have years of experience in with the thing I do naturally. Although I thought I’d never want to go back into purchasing I feel like I’m at home with the purchasing discipline.  It’s been like riding a bicycle and a skill that I’ve missed using over the years. So, never say never.  Don’t shut the door on your…


The Secret Is Letting Go


  Letting go is a secret to a happy life. Letting go means you’re okay with what happens. It is being okay with the results…whatever they are. It is allowing things to work themselves out and being okay with HOW they work out. Letting go is the opposite of holding on. But in order to learn the art of letting go you have to go through knowing what it feels like to hold on to what you want, what you desire, how you think things should go…then…let go of all of that. It is not easy.  It is actually hard…


Finding Our Way

Finding our way

In order to find your way in your career or in life you need to stop “trying” and “struggling” to figure it all out. I know this is easier said than done when you are miserable.  What you will find is the more you struggle the more of a struggle it will be. Just know that things will work out…in time…and…on time.  That is the rub, you have to wait. Rushing things doesn’t help.   Fighting against what IS definitely doesn’t help. It’s a real mystery but when you embrace the suck of life then and only then do things…


Do Your Art. Get Unstuck.

Art Dec 2015

Art doesn’t mean one thing.  It can be many things. Being an artist is not just for some of us,  it is for all of us.  We were created to create.  We were not created to consume.  Create something. Create anything. Especially if you are miserable at work.  It will help you cope. My son brought me an artist set for Christmas and even though I “do art”; “make art”;”sale art” I never really thought of myself as an artist, but I guess he did.   I kept thinking that artist draw things, and I never understood how to draw,…


It’s Not About What You Do, But How You Think About What You Do

Three questions

After reading the “Just Quit” your job survey results it has occurred to me that people in most every profession is and/or could be miserable doing what they are doing. It’s not about the profession. It’s about the mindset while working in that profession. This makes me think of Tolstoy’s three questions: Here people are in lives where they have to work for a living.  They are the wage earners. Most people are miserable going to work everyday. It doesn’t seem to matter how much they are paid.  Doesn’t seem to matter the title. Still, they are miserable.   So,…


Be Grateful When Things Don’t Work Out


Why?  Because what you had planned was TOO SMALL.  If you are stressing right now about your job..STOP STRESSING. If you are desperate to get out of your job situation…STOP BEING DESPERATE. If you don’t think you can go another day working where you are working…STOP TRIPPING. STOP. Things could be horrible where you work, but going to another job does not mean it’s going to be ANY better. JUST QUIT is NOT about a JOB.  JUST QUIT is NOT about a CAREER…or a PROFESSION…IT IS ABOUT YOUR LIFE. It’s about planning your life. So if you have been looking for a…