It’s Labor Day 2014 – A Great Day For A BreakThrough


SEPTEMBER The shell must break before the bird can fly. ~ Alfred Tennyson   I’m at a glass ceiling. The job is boring. They have not had a raise in five years at this company. I feel that life is passing me by. ~Worker Living in GEORGIA We need to breakthrough. It’s not about the glass ceilings that companies or organizations erect; but the ones that we erect in our own minds. It starts with the broken record of negative thoughts that swirl around in our minds about our situation, about the possibilities, about our dashed dreams, about the useless degree, about…


Accepting What Is…Is POWERFUL


I’m stressed to the point of being sick. I’m undervalued. I’m overwhelmed with feeling of being out of my depth. I’m in the wrong company –it’s small, there’s no structure and no support.  I feel ignored.  I don’t know what’s needed of me. I feel isolated. I clock watch, and time drags. There is the fear of failure. The money is poor (it’s half what I was earning five years ago). There are longer than usual hours and I’m unusually tired. ~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM Today, take every single thing that is WRONG with your job and make…


Okay, So You Ended Up With A Boss. It Happens. Now Decide What To Do.


My boss is impossible to work with. He’s arrogant, condescending, and passive aggressive. He blames me for EVERYTHING even if it’s not my fault and then, when it turns out to be a glitch with the software or when it turns out to be HIS fault, then, suddenly, it was no big deal. He has MANY MANY  MANY rules that are difficult to abide by because the rules continue to change. What was okay yesterday isn’t okay today. He’ll say one thing and then say the opposite. Or he’ll claim to have told me something even though he hadn’t. He…


What Are Your Dependable Skills? Those Innate Talents and Skills That Are With You No Matter What You Do or Where You Work.

Dependable Skills

I have been in finance for 17 years and it has gone completely stale for me. I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer playing with Excel spreadsheets all day anymore. Every morning I’m sick to my stomach when I wake up and find it almost painful to do my tasks at work. I realize now that the business world is not for me.  ~Worker Living in NEW JERSEY Sometimes it’s the work itself and we have finally realized it.  We just can’t or don’t want to do the tasks anymore.  They have grown old on us.  We need…


What Are YOUR Goals for the Next 5 Days, 5 Weeks, 5 Months, 5 Years & 50 Years?

Goals 2014

I am so busy at work that I don’t even have the time to look for another job unless I quit my current job. ~Worker Living in CANADA Today, if I am too busy working day in and day out at my current job, and I am not happy, and I don’t have enough time to look for another job; then I need to immediately go to Step 2 – Dealing with Finances.  If I am working this hard and this much; then it needs to be worth it.  It needs to be worth it so much that I can…


BE Awesome: You Are Not Your Job. You Are Not Your Title. You Are Not Your Salary. You Are Awesome.


This job has turned me into a sad horrible person. I used to be so awesome and now I feel like nothing. ~Worker Living in NEW YORK You KNOW you are awesome.  This job can’t make you not awesome when you are. Say it:   “I AM awesome.”  One more time: “I AM awesome.” You are awesome. You are not your job.  You are not your title.  You are not your salary.  You are you and you are awesome. Today, BE who you are…Awesome. You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live P.S. – Ethymology of  the word Awesome…today be…


Having Faith Means Trusting That The Plan For Your Life Is Working Out…Even Now…


This job doesn’t interest me. The field doesn’t interest me. I don’t see myself anymore with this company. My work life balance is completely out of whack. I live in one country and my wife and kids in another.  I can’t sleep at all! I am stressed, spaced out and miserably down all the time. I lost my faith in myself. ~Worker Living in the NETHERLANDS Some of us have lost faith in ourselves.  Lost faith in our abilities.  Lost faith in our skills.  Lost faith in our decision-making.  Lost faith in being able to get ourselves out of our…


Stand Strong and Go Through It. Be Like A Tree.

like a tree

I hate working in fast food and I feel miserable just thinking about it. I get abused by customers and the management there is terrible. I want out. Straight away. ~Worker Living in AUSTRALIA There is only one way out of our situations – we have to go through them.  We know we have to go through it.  We might feel like we want this to end now…straight away…but it is not going to end until it has run its course.  We know what it feels like to be miserable…we might even be miserable today. Just feel miserable today. There will…