A Well Lived Life

“By being selfish, you will not only die alone, 

but you will live alone.”

 ~David LaMar Williams~

How do you determine the one thing that you need to Just Quit or Let Go Of?

One method is to begin with the end in mind by using The End Results Model.

One day will be your “end day,” your “it’s over day”.  One day you will be a “no more nothing person” that people will be talking about and remembering at your funeral. On this day people will not understand where you went.  You’ll be like a flower that has blown away in the wind.  You were here yesterday. What happened to you?   You will be just a memory.   You will be just part of the history of the earth.

You were born, you lived, and you died.

It’s hard to truly accept this, although we all know it’s going to happen.  It’s one of the only guarantees in life!

What if … you started …to live…your life…as though…you are…IN THAT MOMENT?

You are now looking back on your life today  – right now – in this moment

Can you see yourself right at this very instant in your life?

What does your life look like right now?

STOP reading for a second and think.

Really STOP Reading…Think…

Now ask yourself –  What is that ONE thing I wished I had Just Quit or Stop Doing or Let Go Of?

Pretend Like You Are Gone –

What do you want out of life?
What do you want to be, do or have?
How will you live the rest of your life?


What is holding you back?

What are you holding onto

that is holding you back

and keeping you stuck?