Are You Blowing Money?

  • Is blowing money a problem for you?
  • If you have money do you feel you need to spend it?
  • Do you continue to shop and shop and shop and shop?
  • How many clothes, shoes, knick knacks, electronics, and grown-folks toys do you really need?
  • If you shop just for something to do, then you are in the danger zone.  That means that your credit cards are (about) at the limit, that your closets are overflowing, your garage needs cleaning, and you can’t dust all the stuff you own quick enough.
  • Do you have more things than you’ll ever need?
  • Do you have several sizes of clothes (small, medium, and large)?
  • Do you buy the latest “must have” things that you see advertised?
  • Do you shop for stress relief?
  • Are you spending money that could be better spent, saved, or even invested?
  • Before you buy anything else, ask yourself what it will be worth at your next yard sale or if you will need to advertise it online FOR FREE just to get rid of it.

Do You Need To JUST QUIT Blowing Money?