“Spirituality begins where religion ends.”

~ Shri Ram Chandra~

Don’t most religions tell you to look within?

  • Do you understand your internal world?
  • Can you meditate?
  • Can you just be still?

Can you be still and quiet for 15 minutes at one time? 

Try it now. 

Try it tomorrow. 

Just try it.

The first time you try it, it might be downright painful. Your mind will be jumping from one thing to another.  That ‘s the monkey mind.  Don’t worry, it can be stilled.  You can train your mind to be still.  And here’s what you will find…You will  find that quiet place inside of yourself where there is nothing but peace, love and oneness with everything, everyone and a higher being or universal consciousness.


Can you be still?

Can you find a quiet place to go?

Can you stand the thoughts that run across your mind?

Can you let those thoughts go?

Can you just watch those thoughts float by?

Can you resist the urge to move or to get up?

Can you hear that still small voice within?

Can you just be still?

Can you Just Quit acting religious and go on your spiritual journey?

Look within, and you will find the God that you seek.

Can You Just Be Still?

~ By Ridea Richardson