Perhaps you have a lot of great ideas.

Perhaps the idea that you have is the thing that is given for you to do.

If you don’t do it, it will not be brought into the world.

It certainly won’t be brought in to the world the way you would do it.

Someone else could already be doing it, but not like you would.

This is all about a mentality.  The mentality is that you can do this, but you must start.

Will you succeed?  Not if you don’t start.

Will you succeed after you start?

You will not succeed if you don’t see it to fruition and give it your all.

You will only know if you will succeed if you give it a go.

Just start.

 It is not impossible to start…

First you have to Just Quit (not starting!)

Just do something today —

even if it is just writing down your idea (again).