You know how you’ve always been told to save for a rainy day? 

Financially maybe your rainy day is already here. 

In order to Just Quit somethings in life  (like your job) you’ll need some savings to hold you over until you figure it out.

 Sometimes you just can’t figure it out in the place you’re at. 

There is just too much static,

too much noise,

too much chaos

to figure it out. 

You need to take a hiatus,

lay yourself off,

move on,

and get on with it.

So where are your raining day funds?

Many of us may not have any money saved, it’s sad, but it’s  true.

If you still have a job (be grateful first) then start planning.

If you are on this job and you are NOT at the suicide or harming someone else stage,

then start your

“Just Quit Savings Account”

Save enough money for at least six months of basic expenses.

I know how impossible this may sound, but it’s possible.

You might have to get creative.  Figure out ALL the pockets of money you have.

Determine what basic expenses are for you.

Basic expenses do not include having cable television,

eating out whenever you want,

or having both a cell phone and a land line.

You’ll have to cut back!

Basic expenses are just that:

basic living expenses like housing, eating (cooking), and transportation expenses.

Categorize your expenses into two categories:

the necessary and the optional

Eliminate the optional expenses.

For the necessary expenses you’ll need to determine if you can reduce them any further.

Can you change your phone service company or phone options to save money?

Just keep your options open to ways to save money and reduce expenses.

These basic expenses are what you’ll need to begin to save for.

Stop charging on your credit cards

(Yes, I know that will be hard for some, because it might be what’s making ends meet)

Stop buying all that junk that is only junk if  you had to sell it later on.

 Your Just Quit Power

The more money you have, the more Just Quit power you have.

That day when you know any day of your choosing,

you can walk into your boss’s office and say,

“I’m leaving, I’m resigning, I’m Outta Here”

is a beautiful day.

It’s even more wonderful when you can take some “me” time to try to figure it out before you start your next venture.

Start Your Just Quit Saving Account today

…even if it’s just $5 week!