“I don’t care nothing about a sale.  If you spend all your money just because something is on sale you won’t have the money when you really need it. “

~James Harvey Richardson


Shop Till You Drop

How do you Just Quit Shopping?

It’s hard if you’ve been doing it for years because it has become a part of your lifestyle.

How many people do you see “just looking” at the mall and stores? 

They go around the entire store “just looking”.

What are they looking for? 

They are looking for a bargain, of course.

How could it possibly be a bargain if you really don’t need it?

How many conversations can be overheard about how cheap that item was and how it was found for 50% off and another 20% off of that?  Who cares?  That’s 100% of your money that you could have used in a more productive way.

How many people go through the buy it, try it, and take it back to the store routine? 

The next time you go through this cycle, ask yourself why you’re living like this.  Now you have wasted your time “just looking” and your money buying something you knew you didn’t need.  You now have to make another trip to the store to take back whatever it was that you didn’t need in the first place.

Yes, you’ll get your money back, but doesn’t this seem like a waste of time and energy?

If you MUST go to the stores, then go to the stores.  Keep on “just looking.”  Get a basket, and fill it with the items you want to buy.  Try on the clothes and shoes and enjoy the “process” of shopping.

Then, one by one, look at everything in your basket, and ask yourself four questions:

  1. Do I need this?
  2. Do I have something else like this?
  3. Can I afford this?

Then, one by one, put the items back that are in your cart, and walk out of the store.

Make a habit of telling yourself that, no matter what, you will not buy anything the first time you see it.

If there was something in that basket that you just must have, then go back and get it the next day.  That will be your pact with yourself.  Don’t ask them to hold it for you, either.  Just put it back, and don’t hide it so you are the only one to find it later.    If you even remember you wanted it, and it’s there the next day, then buy it.  You probably won’t even remember the next day.

Think about all the  time you spend–wasted time–“just looking” at stuff you don’t need and can’t afford.

What Else Could You Be Doing With Your Time?

  Do you want a degree? 

Do you want to have a hobby?

Have you always wanted to know more about antiques? 

Do you want to rebuild that car?

Do you want to own your own business? 

If you add up your time “just looking,” you would have time to do things that might really matter to your life.

Do You Need to Just Quit Shopping?