People Are Looking Everywhere For God

People sit in pews (some with their very own spot that they have claimed) week after week.  They listen to sermons Sunday after Sunday.



Why are you just sitting in the pew?

  • Ever wonder why one person gets to give all the sermons?
    • Doesn’t anyone else have anything to say?
  • Ever wonder why it’s that person’s “job” to be the preacher?
    • What about if they didn’t get paid?
  • Ever wonder why there is little to no interaction during the weekly sermons?
    • …Besides the stand up, sit down, turn to your neighbor stuff

Aren’t there adults sitting in those pews? 

  • Don’t adults learn best when the learning is self-directed and active?
  • Don’t adults have some responsibility to “get it”, even if it is from one person’s point of view about God, Religion, Truth, and Love?

Is Sitting In The Pew Getting You Anywhere?

At some point you have to ask yourself if sitting in that pew and checking the box is going to get you where you want to go spiritually. You have to ask yourself if you even know where you want to go spiritually. If all you are doing is doing what you know to do, then you need to rethink why you are sitting in that pew.  If you are doing what your parents, your spouse, your children, or others want you to do, then you need to rethink why you are sitting in that pew.

Is there anything about sitting in that pew that gets you closer to knowing God?

Not knowing the bible verses or favorite songs.  Not feeling hyped and emotional about the message or the song but knowing who God is.

The Sunday Morning Routine

Trying to figure out who God is, is harder than dragging yourself out of bed for the Sunday morning routine.

You know the routine:

~~getting ready,

~~yelling at your kids to tell them they HAVE to go to church,

~~looking around at all the things you need to be doing,

~~getting in the car,

~~speeding down the road to make it on time,

~~arriving to the church with a smile on your face,

~~ and a cheery “I’m fine” response to “How are you doing?”

Is Not Sitting In The Pew Getting You Anywhere?

Then there are those who are not physically sitting in the Pew in a place of worship. There are questions that you need to ask yourself as well. Is there anything about NOT going to an organized religious place of worship that gets you closer to the Source? You have to ask yourself why you are NOT involved in organized religion.  You have to ask yourself if what you ARE doing gets you closer to connecting to the Source.

Are you just complaining about those who “sit” in the pew? 

Do you have any spiritual practices?

What are your spiritual practices?

Do you meditate, pray, walk a labyrinth, go out in nature, read spiritual text, exercise,  watch your breath, go to “home church” or use other spiritual tools as you discover your spirituality?

“Sitting in the Pew” is a metaphor for not actively seeking and going on YOUR personal spiritual journey. 

Are you just “Sitting in the Pew” or are you Going on Your Spiritual Journey?


Now ask yourself that question again…Because Guess What?…You Have to Question the Answers… if you think you’ve got it…you know, that you’ve got the answer to who God is…(and worse yet, if you think you- your church – your faith is the only RIGHT answer) then YOU ARE MOST PROBABLY WRONG…just for a second, challenge yourself and your beliefs…What if you are wrong?  What if you have been wrong all this time? It’s been said that those who know they don’t know…KNOW…those who think they know…DON’T KNOW…so don’t be afraid to question your assumptions and beliefs…that’s how you grow spiritually.