“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”
~Raymond Lindquist~

Is whatever you are doing, thinking, wondering, or questioning about spiritual matters getting you closer to knowing about a  Higher Being or Universal Consciousness ? 

Do you know this Being or Consciousness?  Do you have a close connection with this Being or Consciousness?

Are you sure?

Is it a personal connection or is it something else?  Can you describe it or is it undescribable?

Isn’t it okay to wonder, ponder, question these things?  Who say’s that it’s not okay?

Isn’t it mostly those who’s livelihood depend on you NOT questioning these things? 

Remember this is your life, and no matter what any one says, or how many degrees they have, or how great they sound in the pulpit, or how quilty they make you feel for questioning things —  you are going to die alone. 

Why can’t or shouldn’t you ask questions, so you can seek and find the answers.

The answer is in the questioning. If you don’t ask a question you won’t get an answer – — so ask good guestions.