“God was lonely, so he made himself a world.”

~Rosa Richardson

There have been billions and billions of people who have lived before you and billions who will live on after you are gone.

Don’t try to fit into being “normal”, why not just be yourself.

Just Quit  is about taking the time to figure out who that is and being that person.

Don’t try to be that person, but be that person.

Just be yourself.  Let Go and Discover Who You Are.

Who are you?

Really, who are you?

Not your many roles,
not your job,
not your title,
not your ego,
not your personality,
not your name,
not where you live,
not what you drive,
not where you work,
not what you do,
not your hobbies,
not your degrees,
not who your children are
not who you hope your children will be or what they will do,


who are YOU?

Really Who Are You?  

How Would You Describe Yourself Without Using a Label?

~Ridea Richardson