“There’s no need to miss someone from your past.

There’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future” – Unknown

Some people hold on to relationships that are unhealthy because they believe that  it’s better than nothing or they are afraid of letting go.

Have you ever met the type of person who stayed in a relationship (for years) and you thought the reason was because they were afraid of being alone, making it on their own, or just waiting for the kids to grow up?

It is so hard to break molds and behavioral patterns.  It takes recognizing the need to change, then having the courage to Just Quit the relationship.

All you have to do is keep remembering that this is “your life”. Do you want to waste any more time with this person, or do you need to move on?

Just be honest with yourself.  No matter how difficult this may be, just be honest with yourself.

Not that you will end the relationship tomorrow, but you need to make the decision today.

The Family and Friends Saga

Sometimes those relationships that we need to Just Quit are with family members or “best friends”.

There comes a point and time in your life when you wake up one morning and realize that you can choose how you want to relate even to family and dear friends.  Yes, you need to fulfill all of your obligations, but just be aware of the people in your life.

  • Maybe they are draining you of all of your energy.
  • Maybe they are just plain jealous of you
  • Maybe they  use you for everything that they can.
  • Maybe they are too dang needy, and you’re the one they call on to fulfill their needs.
  • Maybe they live their lives through you.
  • Maybe you support them in their endeavors, but they never support you.
  • Maybe you just listen to their problems, but don’t feel comfortable sharing your problems with them.

If you have family and  “friends” who exhibit these behaviors then it might be time to ~ Break Free. 

Let them go.

Don’t call them back.

Don’t continue to be used.

…and don’t wait until you think it’s the perfect time to leave.

The perfect time is NOW.


 Just Quit.

It’s a liberating thing to do.

Is there a relationship currently in your life that you know is unhealthy and that you need to  at least make the decision to Just Quit? 

Are you willing to make a commitment

to yourself just to make the decision? 

Do you find even making the decision hard? 

Why? (Now, Just Keep Asking Yourself Why?)