“Television  is Chewing Gum for the Eyes”

~ Frank Lloyd Wright


Some people do anything to “keep busy” so that they don’t have to really think about how to fix their lives.

How many people come home from a job (they might hate) and sit on the couch to watch “anything” on television? 

They are holding the remote and flipping through channel after channel looking for “something” to watch on television.

What a complete waste of time. 

The great equalizer – 24 hours a day

Remember, all you have that is equal to others is time.  You have 24 hours a day.  That’s all everyone gets.  That’s all the time in a day that you get.

You can spend it anyway you like…just don’t waste it.

So, if you spend eight hours at a job you hate and then 2-4 hours watching anything on television, then you have spent 10-12 hours of that day…basically wasted.

So, what’s new in the news?

Is it anything you haven’t kind-of heard before?

What can that talking head tell you that the one yesterday didn’t tell you?

Have you ever wondered if the news isn’t just like a commercial? Just how impartial can the news be when they have sponsors and advertisers who are just a phone call away?

Contest shows and Reality TV

The entertainment with all of the thrill in which you can join in on the action.

So now television executives have figured out that folks don’t like fiction…they want something real to “watch”.

Everything in Moderation

Don’t waste the precious time that you have watching “something” that WILL NOT MATTER, and YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER a year from now.

Do you want proof?  What did you watch a year ago today on television that MATTERS and that you REMEMBER? (see you can’t remember…you can’t even go back on-line and find what you watched…no record…BECAUSE it doesn’t matter)

 Ask yourself this question when you are making decisions about how to “invest” your time:

 “Will this matter a year from now?”