The Steps to Take to Just Quit Your Job:  



Many people NEVER make it past this first step because they CANNOT make a decision.

They go on and on about:

  • How miserable they are…
  • How stupid their boss is…
  • How unfair the promotions are…
  • How much they really hate their job…
  • How much they hate the profession they are in…

They never really make the decision to say, “I am quitting my job”.  You have to first decide to do it. (You don’t do it before you DECIDE to do it).  You don’t have to quit today, just make the DECISION today.

Do You Know When You’ve Had Enough? 

People fool themselves to believe that the title, the money, the organization, the lure of travel, and prestige is all worth the hassle. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your time, talents, and sometimes your soul for being miserable the majority of your waking hours.


Around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday: You literally start to feel physically sick about facing another Monday morning.

Monday morning: You try to think of a good reason to call in sick (these days we just “text” in sick, but in 2003 you still “called in”).  You know you can’t call in because no one will believe you.  You know you’ll have to take off Tuesday as well to make it believable. You have a couple of meetings on Tuesday you know you can’t or shouldn’t miss. So calling in on Monday will not work.

Tuesday morning: You wake up at 6:00 a.m. and get out of bed at 7:10.  This is just enough time to get ready and make it in by 8:00.  Actually, it’s become a habit now of staying in bed until the last possible minute before you have to get out of bed.   You rush into work, looking like you just got out of bed.

Wednesday morning: Maybe you will call very early before you really wake up.  Then you could “sound” sick.  What is your ailment?  No. You can’t do it.

Thursday morning: It’s almost Friday. You can make it.  Just get up and make it in.  The goal is to just make it to your work station, your desk chair, or your office.  If you can possibly just make it there, you can make it through the day.

Friday morning: You cannot believe you made it through another week going through this madness.  You really can call in sick today, if you want, because after the weekend everyone will forget you “called in” sick.  (We don’t even say that the person was sick, we say they “called in” sick…everybody understands the deal!) Yeah, they’ll know you’re not sick, but it’s not as noticeable.  But of course you’d have to stay around the house ‘cause you’re sick, right? Then you really can’t have a lot of fun on the weekend ‘cause someone might see you from work, right?  Better just get this day out-of-the-way and go in because you want to enjoy the weekend.  This is your reprieve time.

Friday night: Just you, the couch, and the TV because you are drained from the week.

Saturday: Find anything fun to do because that’s what the weekend’s about, right? Maybe just stay in the house and retreat because mentally you are tired and you’ll have to face Monday pretty soon.

Sunday: You are back in torment asking someone to please help you; help you figure this out because you just can’t go on.   You just can’t face another week.

Around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday you literally start to feel physically sick about facing another Monday morning.

This is how it is when it’s time to Just Quit your job.

Look at this life.  Is this living? This is a very wasted life to say the least. But you have to pay your bills, you have to eat, and you have to pay for all those other things that are a necessity, right? Of course you do, and you will but not here and not this way.


 Are You Ready To DECIDE That You Will “Just Quit” Doing What is Making You Miserable, In Order To Do What You Were Born To Do?

You don’t have to quit today or tomorrow,

just make THE DECISION today.