One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find the future has run out on us.

Michael Cibenko

The day that you’ve been waiting for is right around the corner – RETIREMENT.

You have complained about:

  • Your job
  • The people you work with
  • Your pay
  • and not getting that promotion 10 years ago.

As you near the end of the countdown and THE day when any day thereafter you can retire, you begin to wonder if you should:

  • Will you have enough money?
  • What will you do everyday?
  • Where will you go everyday?
  • What if something happens that you can’t predict in the future? 

You begin to worry.  You’ve heard of others that have retired and their health went down shortly thereafter.  There are still others who had problems with their health insurance coverage or Medicare and wished they just stayed on the job a few more years or asked better questions.

If you are close to retirement, TODAY is the day to start asking questions

Make sure that you know the answers and are satisfied with them. Start making Retirement Plan A and Retirement Plan B.

Time To Retire

Decide how you will live in retirement before you retire.

You will then have more confidence to be able to retire. Remember you are not retiring from LIFE.  You are retiring from that job, that career.  If this has been your life, then you have to start finding your passion NOW.

Who wants to still be hanging on an extra couple of years because they don’t know if they should retire?   What’s worse than that is having put in all that time, but not having enough money on which to live.

Retirement is the ultimate Just Quit, so make us proud.

Is Your Just Quit Thing to stop NOT planning for retirement?

What’s Is Your Retirement Plan? Start TODAY figuring it out…just start!