There are some relationships that are like living in hell.

  • ~They are painful.
  • ~We don’t grow when we are in them.
  • ~They make us feel sad.

We wonder how we ended up in them and wonder still yet how to get out of them.

It’s worse when you discover a new relationship that feels great.

  • ~Feels Comfortable.
  • ~Feels Right.
  • ~Feels like Heaven.

So you have to ask yourself – – –

  • ~Do you stay in hell, when you know that you could go to heaven?

  • ~If you stay in hell, why you are staying there?  Is it because it’s painful,but the known?

  • ~Are you are willing to give up the familiar for the hopes of heaven? (You really don’t know FOR SURE that the new relationship will be heaven — you might end up being back in hell)

Maybe this is when all you can do is JUST QUIT the one relationship that you know FOR SURE is hell.

Have the fortitude and courage to face the pain of ending something that is not working.

Claim Your Power.

The Power to JUST QUIT

If you never JUST QUIT the “hell” relationship

you know FOR SURE that you will never enjoy the “heaven” one.

Life is what we make it.

Always has been, always will be.

 ~Eleanor Roosevelt