” Whatever You Are Willing To Put Up With,

Is Exactly What You Will Have.”

~ Dr. Robert Anthony

Is there someone in your life that you know for sure

that you need to Let Go of?  

It might be hard to actually do it,

but can you at least acknowledge it today?

How many times are you going to allow one person to hurt you?

Is once enough? (Of course not.  Maybe it was an innocent mistake.)

Is twice too many times? (Okay, it’s not a mistake, it’s on purpose.)

What about three times? (A pattern is developing.)

How many times will you turn the other way?

How many times will you pretend it didn’t happen?

How many times will you act like it’s okay.

(You’re not really hurt.  You’ll get over it.)

How many times will you talk yourself out of walking away so this person can’t hurt you anymore?

Of course, you could be wrong.  Your perspective could be off. You could be overreacting.

When you are certain that you can not accept or live with the behaviors of others and how it impacts you, then it’s time to Let Them Go.

If you know in your heart that long-term you can not accept how they treat you


it’s just a matter of time before you have to face the facts.

Of course, you think things are going to change

What makes you think things are going to change?

You HOPE things are going to change.

HOPE is a good thing, but sometimes hope is just wishful thinking (be honest with yourself right now – you know it is).

You think it’s so hard to start over with a new relationship.

You think you’ve come so far with this person.

You think you won’t find anyone else who understands you as well.

But, you know that in all relationships there are


the middle

and endings.

Relationships are like stories.

You know that relationships change.

You know that sometimes that change is an ending.

You might not remember,

but you’ve probably been here before in a relationship,

so you know that you will survive.