This marriage is impossible.

Paying these bills are impossible.

Finding a job is impossible.

Raising these teenagers is impossible.

Starting a company is impossible.

Losing weight is impossible.

Saving money is impossible.

Finishing college is impossible.

Forgiving others is impossible.

Keeping the house clean is impossible.

Finding time to get it all done is impossible.

Solving all the problems in this country is impossible.

Figuring out who “God” is – is impossible. 

If it were impossible then – it– would– NOT– be– possible–

under any circumstance.

Honestly, are many or any of these everyday “circumstances” really impossible?

Didn’t you think other things that were hard seem impossible too?

Didn’t they work out?

Maybe it was not easy or quick or solvable the way you wanted them to be, but they weren’t impossible.

Moving from


to I’m Possible:

1. Accept What Is and Be Grateful For What Is

2. Decide that it is Possible because of the I’m in Possible

 3. See Opportunities from the I’m Possible Vantage Point

Let Go of “Impossible”

Free Yourself