More than half the time we KNOW what we need to do.  Our intuition tells us what we need to do,  where we need to go, what we need to say, what or who we need to let go of.

But…we just don’t want to accept what we KNOW we need to do.  We argue with ourselves. We second guess ourselves.  We think “maybe” things aren’t “really” that bad. We think “maybe” we’re being too rash or harsh or mean or judgmental.

Just Do It!

So what do we do?  We go against what we KNOW we need to do.  Why do we do that?  Because usually what we need to do requires change, and change is hard.

But…no matter what… change is going to come.  The more we realize that we can be a part of the change process and we can help co-create our future, things start to shift. It’s not so scary anymore making the hard decisions and doing what we KNOW we need to do. We begin to see  more clearly that what is… may not be… all that there is.  This isn’t new. We already know this.  We already know from past experiences or current situations how not going ahead and doing what we know we need to do impacts us:

  • You hated your boss. You hated your job.  You dreaded waking up in the morning.  What did you do?  You stayed on.  You were scared of moving on (for one reason or the other).  What happened?  Eventually something changed, but maybe not the way you wanted it to.   The company downsized and you got laid off, or you had to take on m0re work because you were one of the one’s who didn’t get laid off.
  • You had outgrown your spouse.  You felt stuck in a miserable marriage.  You hated coming home.  You knew somebody needed to leave.  You knew separation was inevitable, it was just a matter of when, not if.  What did you do?  You stayed.  You were afraid to move on.  What happened?  Things got a lot worse and the break-up was horrible for everyone involved.
  • You’ve lived in the same town your whole life.  You’ve visited other places, but not lived any other place.  You’ve talked to people who had left their hometowns and they now talked about how “small” it seems to them.  You regret never having left.  You felt like you wanted to leave, but couldn’t see a path forward.  What did you do?  You stayed.  You were afraid to leave your hometown.  What happened?  You’re still there, feeling like you’ve missed out on something or feeling like a failure whenever you have to talk to people who’ve left and come back home to visit.
  • You’ve work for someone else your entire career.  Well, maybe you’ve done some small stuff on your own, but nothing on the level that you’ve dreamed. You’ve got great ideas (but who doesn’t).  You’ve got the education and the credentials to do your own thing. You look at others who’ve stepped out on their own and wonder how on earth they could have done it and you’re still stuck getting a paycheck.  You just sit back and wonder what the hold-up is.  Guess what?  You’re the hold-up.  You’ve been afraid to get started (and not just the go down get the business license, buy the business cards, write the business plan stuff — 20% of folks can and have done that) it’s the actual hitting the pavement,  making things happen, making money, and making a difference.

Most of us have been in one of the above situations, or something similar.

Your time has come. Stop waiting on it.   It’s your time to realize who we are, why you’re here and get on with what you KNOW you need to do.

Just keep moving towards what you KNOW you need to do. There is something inside of you that already knows. Trust it. Believe it and move forward.  NO ONE can tell you what to do.  NO ONE can tell you when to do it. NO ONE can live your life for you.  This is your life.  Make it your life.  Don’t live the life people think you should live.  Don’t live someone else’s life.  One day you’ll wake up and wonder –What the heck?  Is THIS my life? What’s going on? Who am I?  What am I doing?  Don’t wait too late to just quit doing what isn’t working.  Do what you know needs to be done in just one situation in your life and you will have the courage to live the life that you’ve imagined.

Just listen — get quiet — be still  — and listen

You KNOW What You Need To Do.

Now DO it!