Okay, so  you want others to know what we you are doing.

When you get the question:  “Hey, what have you been up to?”

You want them to support you.

You want them to be a part of what you’re doing.

You want their opinions.

You want their suggestions.

You want their ideas.

You want them involved.

They can be involved, they can give you their ideas, suggestions, and opinions, BUT you don’t need them to validate you or validate what you are doing.  Why?  Because sometimes it doesn’t matter if they think it makes any sense; if it’s gonna work; if it’s a good use of your time; if it’s the right degree for you to get; if it’s the next job that you should take; or the next town that you should move to; or even the next person that you should marry — sometimes — you just know!

It might be just every now and again that this happens, but once you are in alignment with life, love, God, The Source, (call it what you want), things start to change at a rapid pace.  You begin to realize that “that” something inside of you, already knows.  It just knows.  It’s always known and finally you’re listening to that source of information.

In the Flow

It’s like a little window opens in you mind, or your heart, or somewhere and you just know.

You can’t explain it.

You don’t understand it.

It makes no sense, even to you.

You do start to wonder exactly where everything is coming from.

Where the decisions are coming from.

Where the creatively is coming from.

Where the courage is coming from.

Where the words are coming from.

All you can do is flow with the process that is unfolding through you.  All you can do is go with it.  You do something one day and the next day look back at what you created or wrote and wonder…who did that?  I didn’t do that.  I really didn’t do that.

It can bring you to tears when you’re in that flow – at peak performance – in the groove.

You can now easily recognize others that are in that same flow.

When you connect with them and talk with them it’s almost as though there is a direct connection or recognition.

It’s like you’re with yourself.

It’s not competition, it’s cooperation.

It’s not judgment, it’s filling in the empty spaces.

It’s a smile, it’s a look, it’s a feeling, it’s an energy.

Those on the same wave-length are aware of each other.

It seems somehow that once you let go and allow this energy to flow that more doors and windows seem to open.

That more things come to you that you’ve been looking for, sometimes for years.

That more people call that can help you.  They help you as though they are helping themselves.  They don’t have to validate you, they just help, they just add value, they are apart of this space that just flows.

It’s a an amazing space to be in…and…when you get to that space — those who AREN’T in that space start to fall away…go away…fade away…and letting them go just seems natural — they aren’t part of the flow —- NOT YET.