You are not walking this journey alone. Your ancestors walk with you.

The wisdom of the future is contained in the mind, hearts and souls of the past.

In order to go forward, sometimes you must go backwards.  Sometimes you must ask for help from your ancestors.   Their spirits are still alive.  They live in and through you.  Draw from their power. They are waiting for you to use the power that they have been building for decades, for centuries even.

YOU have the Know-How, YOU’VE developed great skills, YOU’VE Prepared Yourself

Now Do Something!

Have the courage to let go of that voice of fear that’s in your head.

Yes, there is a process to letting go.

A Change Is Gonna Come

Yes, you need to be determined in order to change.

Yes, you need to find encouragement somewhere and somehow for your efforts.

Yes, you need to release the past, so that the future that wants to emerge, can come forth.

Yes, it might have been a hard life so far.  There have been ups and downs, but don’t be afraid to die…die to who you are…die to what is holding you back.

Although it’s been a l-o-n-g time coming…A CHANGE IS GONNA COME…be alright with the void…let go…draw from your ancestors and move onward and upward…it’s time.

  Who are the Ancestors that You Need to Draw From?

What are Their Names? How Did They Inspire You?

What Do You Need To Do NOW?