Once you realize that the universe is able and WILLING to give you want you need, who you need, when you need it and what it gives to you will fulfill all of your needs (not some of your needs, but ALL of your needs)  there is no longer any worrying about the future or regretting the past.  You can live in the now.  Now, is really is all there is. This present moment really is a wonderful moment.  This moment, right here, right now.

Letting Go is a Relief

Haven’t you experienced that when you let go of something that, or someone who “seemed” so hard (impossible even)  to let go of that when you finally do, it is a relief.  It is like a burden that you were carrying around with you that was so

Heavy Burden

Heavy Burden

unnecessary.  Just imagine carrying a heavy load on your shoulders that is weighing you down.  Then you realize that all you have to do is to put the heavy load down on the ground then you can move on more freely and at ease.   You wonder why you felt it necessary to  “hold on”  or “keep probing up” the familiar that wasn’t working for you and was completely out of alignment with what you needed or wanted.

No matter how many things, people or places you’ve learned to let go of, letting go it is still a process that takes practice.

Just Let Life Happen – Stop Struggling

Just let life flow and let things come to you that are meant for you. Be in alignment with what the universe wants to give to you.  Don’t struggle and go against the grain of the flow of life.  Life really isn’t a struggle.  You may think that it is.  It might be difficult dealing with people, family , friends, and loved ones but in the final analysis life is what you make it to be.  Life is really a gift to you, to experience life.  Just stop. Just breathe. There are people all over the world that are being asked to leave this earth and they would give anything for another day to breathe, to love and to live.  If you are reading this you are still alive and you have another moment.  Just breathe in and breathe out.  Feel how it feels to be in your body.  Appreciate that!

How Will You Know When You Need To Let Go?

When you start releasing the load and things start to unfold, people come that wouldn’t have come otherwise, someone emails you that you haven’t heard from in years, things happen that show you the way, a picture starts to unfold on the blank canvas, and the fog clears.  All that holding on to what wasn’t for you or who wasn’t for you dissolves and you know that letting go and living in the present moment is all there is and you’re using the keys that have unlocked the pathway to living a joyful life  – which is your natural state and you feel wonderful and grateful just to be alive.