So…you’re learning how to let go – congratulations…

Maybe you can chalk up many past success stories of letting go BEFORE you have to.

Most everyone has let go of something/someone, but it’s usually AFTER they HAVE to let go, and have held on TOO long.

But…maybe you’re a pro at it (or think that you are) because you  have been doing it over the years.

You’ve mastered letting go…right?Mastering Letting Go

Well… there’s good news and bad news…

Good News…Keep up the good work, because you’re on the right track now.

Bad News…Some of the stuff from the track that you were on, may come back at you like a freight train out of nowhere!

You can’t run away from your past.

It’s a part of you. It’s makes you who you are.

You have to come to terms with your past decisions, actions, and the repercussions from those actions.

It could be things that you’ve done, said, covered-up, forgotten about that are still lingering on because although you’ve let go and  moved on, it’s still in you, and in your thought patterns.

The ripples effects of your actions are still in the universe and might reverberate back to you.

Maybe someone says something, doesn’t say something, looks a certain way that makes you remember that thing, person, place, or thought that you’ve already let go of. It takes you back.  It KNOCKS you back.  That’s okay.  Just know that it’s okay.

Deal with whatever comes up, take a look at it, talk about it if you have to,or  if you find someone who can understand this journey that you’re on. Just know that it’s something else that you have to let go of.

In order to let go of some lingering things you might have  to make amends, apologize, make a phone call, find the person you need to talk to in order to truly let go.

Once you feel that thing (Oh no! What is this? I thought I’d dealt with this!) come back up…don’t ignore it, just deal with it.

Just suspend it out in front of you and see what you need to do next.

Don’t judge yourself.

Don’t be hard on yourself, because you thought you’d dealt with ALL the issues surrounding whatever it is.

Just suspend it in front of you and be grateful for the fact that it’s come up.

You needed it to come up.

Sometimes we want it to go away. Just ignore it.  We might be looking for that person to make it better, someone who will listen to our story.  Sometimes that person is there and sometimes they aren’t.  Sometimes there is really no one who can truly understand.  Not right at that current time. You realize that you need to be there for yourself and help yourself figure it out.  That’s okay too, because it is y-o-u-r journey.  No worries.

When this happens it does make you look at exactly where you are today.

If nothing else it makes you not be satisfied with what you’ve let go of in the past.

It is clear that you have to live your life now, in the present moment.

You know that there is more work to be done, there’s more progress to be made, and more to let go of.

Why?  Because there is more to come!

Don’t rest on your laurels, because you caught the big Merlin 10 years ago.

Today is today…what do you need to let go of today in order to let come the future that wants to emerge? (It might just be some residuals of something from 10 years ago that found it way back into your awareness…it is okay…keep going!)