Just let your thoughts happen.

Just watch them like you are watching television. “Oh, look at that it was a thought.” Ping

Your mind is CONSTANTLY thinking.  That voice in your head thinks it runs the show.  It really does.  We have given it so much power that we might believe that it runs the show as well.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN.  You are not what you are thinking.  You know this because of the hundreds, thousands even, of senseless thoughts that run across your mind. It NEVER ends. It NEVER will.  SO…just enjoy the journey.

Observe Your Thoughts

Observe Your Thoughts

Can you control your thoughts?  Yes, you can – with breathing techniques, various meditations and other practices.  Which of course all require some thought.  You really can’t escape your mind and thinking, so don’t struggle against it, just observe it and allow it to do its thing – for now. It has been doing it’s thing all along while you’ve been living unconsciously, but now with observation it will prove to be an interesting exercise. It will be like your mind is on trial.  It’s going to hate that…because it’s been running amok for so long without being put in check.

Once you can be comfortable with NOT TRYING to control your thoughts, naturally, your thoughts, especially the negative ones will start to become fewer and fewer.  All those fears of what could happen, what might happen, what should have happened will seem so silly.

As your negative thoughts start to ebb away, your life will become calmer and more in line with your purpose or reason for being here.  You’ll know when it starts to happen because you will have loped off people, places and things that are misaligned and causing you negative emotions and energy.  It will be like scales falling away from you.  Those people, places, things will just seem foreign to you.  You’ll find that you can unattached yourself without a great deal of struggle and strive.

It all starts with just observing your thinking.  DON’T THINK ABOUT IT,  JUST OBSERVE.  You will quickly realize that it is the “monkey mind” that you are observing and it’s completely senseless and NOT who you really are.

Keep on thinking all your thoughts. 

The only thing to do now is to just observe them like you are watching them from outside of yourself.  

Have fun…don’t make it a job description…just sit down and observe the voice in your head…