Everything happens in its own time, on time, and in time.

My Mama Used To Say: “God’s Time is a Good Time.”  Your timing may not be the right time. Your timing may not fit into the grander plan.  The sacred plan for your life.   Let go of thinking it has to happen when and how your mind is telling you is the “right” time.

Whatever happens; “good” or “bad”; happens based on the flow of life.  Life flows, ebbs or wanes, just like the ocean.  Things come and go.  People come and go. People who come, people who go,  all come and go in their own time.  Things that come, things that go, all come and go in its own time.  Beliefs, Dreams, Hopes, Fears, come and go…you know this, because you’ve experienced all of these things coming and going.

Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Just release the need and suffering of thinking that this experience of life that you have been given has to happen how you think it should.  If you are not aligned with who you really are, with what you should be doing, where you should be, who you should be with, then don’t expect the universe to put things in place the way you THINK that it should. It won’t.  It can’t.  It’s always trying to get you to wake up and live consciously and get aligned with your true nature.  In order to get aligned you have to do the inner work — the hard stuff — to get in alignment with YOUR flow of life.  Not anyone elses, but your own.  Once you are in that flow then everything starts to make sense.  You realize not to stress on the timing of things, you relax and are grateful because you recognize that NOW is a good time.

Enjoy what is happening right now. Enjoy who is in your life right now.  Enjoy the places that you go right now.  Enjoy the house that you are living in right now.  Enjoy the job that you have right now.  Enjoy the hopes of the job you want, right now, not when you actually get it, but right now. Enjoy the car that you are driving right now.  Enjoy the shift that you are working on right now. Enjoy the person you are married to right now.  Enjoy your children at the age they are right now. Enjoy the new product that you found.  Enjoy the new store that you found. Enjoy the new website you stumbled on. Enjoy the new person that you met.  Enjoy your life.

Just enjoy your life..because your life is happening, right NOW…as Mama Use to Say…