Why Do We Hold On  –  When There is Nothing There?

Why Do We Keep Forgetting – This Is Not What We Want?

Why Do We Keep Telling Ourselves –  It’s Something That It’s Not?

 Beauty of Letting Go

Why Can’t We Just Admit Things Have Changed?

Why Can’t We Accept That Everything Changes?

Why Not Just Let Go?

Because It’s Hard To Accept That Things Have Changed.

Because It’s Hard To Accept That We Have to Move On.

Because It’s Hard To Accept That The Ending Is Here

& It Aint What We Thought It Would Be.

So We Hold On…So We Hope… So We Pray…So We Believe…

What?…Things Will Change Back….Things Will Be Different…So…We Just Hold On…Until…It Ends…It Always Ends.

Everything Always Ends.

Learn to Let Go When You KNOW You Need to Let Go

  Not When You HAVE to Let Go

You Can’t Hold On. 

Life Is About Change and Change is About Letting Go,

Not Holding On.

By Ridea Richardson