Do you know how big the UNIVERSE is?

Not the City you live in.  Not the State.  Not the Country. Not the World.  The UNIVERSE.

You are currently a part of the UNIVERSE.  How special is that!  Don’t forget that.  You are here for a reason.  You are.  You HAVE to be, or you wouldn’t be here.

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Think about what it took for your parents to conceive you, for them to decide to keep you and to let you grow. Think about being born, making it through your childhood (and it’s craziness — we all went through some craziness),  BUT here you are… STILL here.

Stop looking at your current situations, circumstances and thinking that this is all there is. Stop wondering how on earth you got to where you are.  Maybe you’ve made a couple of wrong turns, just learn from them and move on.  Maybe you can’t see what the future holds for you, that’s no problem.  Once you come to the realization of  two things then things start to change:

1.  Being grateful for what is — right now — as it is. 

Don’t judge, just be grateful for who you are, where you are, what you have, who is  in your life, where you came from, what your dreams are.  JUST BE GRATEFUL.  It opens up some sort of portal that transports you into your purpose for being here.

2. The you that you think you are is not WHO you are. 

The thoughts that you think is not WHO you are. The emotions that you have is not WHO you are. The identities that you’ve attached to yourself is not all that you are. There is something much bigger happening behind your eyes, in your body, and in your mind.

Look in the mirror and look directly in your eyes and ask yourself:

“Who Am I?” 

When you do this for the first time you will come back with all these identities that you “think” is all that you are.   Your name, your sex, your ethical background, your occupation, your profession,  your title, your parental status, on and on.  You’ve attached yourself to these identities.  Go past all of those identities and ask again…“Who Am I?” 

The final answer will amaze you!