This is what it feels like when you are in alignment with your life’s energy, intuition and purpose.

When you start to trust life and when letting go to let come starts to “work out” time and time again.

Just realize that you have to believe it’s okay and that this is happening to you and that you have found the master-key.

That you are in alignment.  

That you are in balance.

Don’t Wonder

  • Don’t wonder if the things that are coming your way are for you.  They are.  You’re just aligned with your original purpose and things are syncing up as they should.
  • Don’t wonder why that person is showing interest in you.  Don’t wonder if they are really interested in you.  Don’t question why they are interested or if you can trust it or trust them.  Things have changed because you can trust yourself.  Because of this new level of trust in yourself and in life itself you understand that if they are legitimately supposed to be in your life, then they will be, if not, they will fall away.
  • Don’t wonder why money is coming  your way, to you, in your name, and being placed in your hands.  This is your time.  Life goes in cycles.  There are just some cycle of life that click, that start to make sense for you.  Don’t be surprised that it’s not a “big deal” that money (which is just energy) is flowing your way and you’re not “all excited”.  You’re even balanced in this area of your life and in your thoughts.

Something’s Happening Behind The Scenes

There is something really happening in the earth, oceans, with nature and some people are tuning in and some people are not.  Some people have been preparing (maybe without knowing it) and some people have not.

Some people are blooming late just like some flowers bloom after the season that they should have bloomed.  But they eventually bloom.  You may be just blooming late.  Maybe you don’t know (or remember)  how it feels to be fully open to the energy of the universe that is allowing you to fully bloom.  It’s okay to just allow that energy to open you up to bloom.

Allow that energy to take you where you need to go. Allow it to help you to say what you need to say.  Allow it to open your throat chakra and just speak your truth.  The truth that only you can speak.  The truth that all of your experiences, people you’ve met along the way, places you have gone, and places that you have worked are just flowing through you.

Just Allow Things To Happen Through You

It’s unexplainable to you right now, but its only because you are now allowing the spirit to move though you.  You don’t feel as though it is you became it is beyond you and just coming through you.  At some point you realize that all the blocks or brakes are off. The emergency brake is not up any more.  You can’t believe you lived life tentatively, afraid, in fear — of what?  Life?  Love? Bad Things?  Good Things? The Unknown?  The Known? No more…you’re free just to be who you are – right now.

You can now recognize quicker what is and what is not for you.  You are now aware that the first thing that pops into your mind may not be the right thing or the only thing.  You don’t have to be perplexed about what  you’re going to do, or pursue.  You’re even understanding of situations that don’t turn out alright –  it might not be the thing for you or the place that you need to go.

Just let things marinate for a while if  the path is not clear.  Sometimes you will know right away and other times you need to allow time for things to become clear.  The most interesting thing is that you now know when to act and when to wait.

This is what it feels like when you in balance and no longer afraid of life no matter what comes into your mind or into your life  – you are just allowing it to happen.