We need to hold each others dreams.

We need to believe in ourselves and we need to understand that others need us to believe in them too.

We need to try to see other people.

Try to hear them clearly.

Hear their pain.  Hear their joy. Hear their ideas.

Listen to their stories.  Everybody that you meet has a story and everybody wants to tell it – to someone.

Listen to the people in your life.  Hear them.  Even if you’re tired of listening to them.  Listen to them from your heart.

There is something powerful about giving of yourself without losing yourself.

There is something powerful about believing so strongly and having the ability to help others to believe in themselves, in their abilities, in reaching their goals, and using their highest skills and talents.

There is something powerful about giving people the opportunity to hear themselves think out loud and to tell their story like a myth that can be changed with just one decision.

Sometimes it takes just one decision to change a life story and all people need is someone to hear them out – to just listen.