Living on Empty


Running on Empty

When you are accustomed to living on empty in your relationships, in your personal life, in your work life, financially, and in your head —  it’s hard to really come to terms when abundance starts to happen.

What abundance may look like  (it’s different for each of us) – you meet someone who is perfect for you, you get the job offer you’ve always wanted, and money starts to come from unexpected places.

 Then what happens?

You start to question it.

Is this person the right person?  Is this the right job?  Will I blow investing this money?   Will I screw this up?  Will this all turn to dust?  When is the rug going to be pulled from under me?  This can’t be happening to me? On and on goes your mind…the mind that’s use to Running on Empty.

You’ve  HOPED things were going to change.

You’ve  WANTED things to change.

Then things start changing and you wonder if you can trust it.

You’ve been Living on Empty for so long  (some people for all of their lives) this is what you think is normal.

Get Ready for a “New” Normal

When you stop being afraid of letting go of what is, who and what may NOT be for you – things that keep you off-balance –  then the UNIVERSE starts to work FOR YOU.  Things that ARE for you start coming to you — EFFORTLESSLY!

It is hard to accept this, if you’re not use to it.

It’s NEW.

It doesn’t seem Normal.

All this time you’ve been struggling trying to make this happen, or that happen, then you decide to just stop struggling.  Once you realize that life is not a struggle, the struggle is over , then everything starts to fall into place.

First – You Have To Let Go In Order For Abundance To Come

All of this alignment with abundance only happens when you are okay with letting go of control, letting go of people, letting go of things, of hoping, wishing and praying for what YOU think you want and who YOU think you want.

If it’s a struggle… if it ain’t working out…then it ain’t for you.  Let it go.  Just let it go.  Stop trying to make it work out.  Even though, technically,  things that CAN’T be sustained WILL end, you don’t have to wait for it to die a natural death…that could take YEARS! If it is a “real” struggle (that’s a clue for things to let go of), if it feels like putting a square block in a hole meant for a circle, then you need to start the process of letting it go once you realize that.

Second- Expect Your Mind to Freak You Out

When you let go, expect your mind to go into free fall and freak you out with FEAR about letting go of what or who you have in your life.  You’ll start thinking a bunch of negative thoughts about change, lost, holding on, keeping, at least you have this or that, don’t rock the boat, ect.

You have to let go first in order for things to start to change and for things to get in alignment in YOUR life.

You’ll find that somehow you’ve made it through something that seems like a tunnel.  It’s dark, It’s dank, It’s scary, It’s the unknown, It’s the abyss, and It seems like it will never end.  Then all of a sudden you wake up and you’re on the other side.  You’re through the tunnel.  Things have changed.  Things have worked out.  It’s AMAZING.  But in order to get through that tunnel you have to allow your mind to freak you out.  It will try to scare you into NOT letting go, but just allow it and go through that tunnel.


Third- Accept and Allow Abundance in Your Life

Expect things to improve and when they start to improve, ALLOW them to improve.

Don’t question it.  Don’t wonder if you deserve it.  You do. Why not you? Why can’t you be in a fantastic relationship?  (Someone who compliments you in every way – spiritually, emotionally, socially, financially and sexually). Why can’t your career  and job be one that you enjoy doing? (Something that uses your key talents and skills and that pays well.) Why can’t your business idea work out, be profitable and help the world out? (Even if  all the last 100 ideas you have had didn’t work out over the years — why not this one?). Why can’t you have money in the bank, savings, investments, nice rental property and be able to go and do what you want and need to do that requires money?

All of these abundance-minded things are there for you. (Abundance will mean different things to different people –  maybe abundance to you means living in cave reading books all day…whatever abundance means for you and to you then it’s there for you, but you have to expect it, accept it and allow it into your life)

NOW – Be Grateful

When your tank starts going from Empty to 1/3 of a tank to 1/2 of a  tank, to 3/4 of a tank to a FULL TANK — Just Be Grateful.  Know that you deserve it and that you are FINALLY in the flow of “your life”.

You are FINALLY living without Fear.

You are FINALLY living a FULL and FREE Life.