Letting Go to Let Come is more about letting go when you KNOW you need to let go.  It’s not so much about letting go the moment you think that you do, because that might not be the right time.  Letting go takes time – it is a process –  but there comes a moment where there is a jumping off point and you have to do it.

It’s like when I went skydiving.  Everyone was in the plane talking about what the experience would be like – joking and having a good time.  

Then the moment came when we were up in the air at the right altitude and there was no turning back.

We  were scooting (being pushed!) down the bench not knowing what to expect once we  got to that open door.  Then you see the photographer in front of you dangling in the air and he says: “go” and before you can think about it you are pushed out of the plane.  There is no thinking, no wondering, and no decision to make.  You MADE the decision when you got on the plane.  You will jump.  You are pushed out of the plane and you have to jump.

Push Yourself = Trust Yourself

In letting go you are pushing yourself out of your current circumstance like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  Most of the time someone is not going to do it for you, at least it won’t be in your best interest.  You have to do it for yourself.  That’s the hardest thing to do because you don’t really HAVE to let go.  You can just stay put even though you know in your heart of hearts that you need to let to go of whatever it is, but you CAN delay.

This is where most people find themselves stuck.  It’s in that delay that the bitterness and suffering comes.  It’s in that delay where there are regrets for not letting go sooner.  Remember eventually things ARE going to change. You’re going to look back and think –  why didn’t I do this sooner!?!

You have to have the courage to jump on your own.  You have to stand at the edge and even though you don’t want to go into the unknown, you know that you must.  The unknown, the tunnel as I call it, is at first dark and dank, but then you begin to get excited about what’s on the other side of that tunnel and the possibilities just seem endless.

You have to have courage to jump or those possibilities will never come because you are stuck and afraid of the unknown.  Change is growth and sometimes you just have to trust yourself and trust that life will take care of you and you have to  jump.

Just like in going up in the plane to go skydiving, once you enter this life then you’ve signed up for an experience.  Apart of the experience is pain, BUT, on the other side of the pain is joy – exhilaration – freedom.    You can not get to that feeling of joy and growth unless you are willing to let go to let come.

Letting Go When You KNOW You Need To

Letting Go is to Change

To Change is to Die to what is.

To Die to what is… takes you into the abyss.

It’s scary and painful at first…but it stops…

Somehow the pain stops.

…and when it stops the possibilities that weren’t there before are there for you like flowers ready for you to pick and choose. 

You start to see doors and windows where there were only walls before.

What you thought was so impossible to let go of, wasn’t impossible at all.  

It is done. 

You have changed.  

You have grown.

You have learned.  

You have made it though the dark tunnel of change.

~ Ridea Richardson