Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Looking Up in Charlotte, NC


On my daily walk around the school building today

I happened to look up in the sky.

I saw an airplane so high up above the clouds.

I looked at the trail that it had made in the sky.

I didn’t have my phone on me and had to walk back to the car to get it to take the above picture, but the plane was long gone by the time I got back to that spot.

This made me think that we can get STUCK in our daily lives…daily problems…daily jobs…daily folks we talk to…daily stuff and

drift through life

– OR –

we can LOOK UP…

look beyond our daily lives, problems, jobs, folks, stuff and

REALLY live the life that we’ve imagined.

Really let go of what is …to allow what could be… to come into your life.

It’s a simple choice really…get busy living or get busy dying…