Stop seeking joy, pleasure, happiness, peace,  and love — ONLY

That is not how life works.

Embrace pain, hurt, loss, sadness, anger, hate and death —

these TOO are a part of life.

Until you realize that,

you will always be fighting against yourself,

against being human,

against this earthly experience.

Sometimes you are going to get hurt.

It’s going to be painful.  

It’s not going to go the way you want it to.

Your heart is going to get broken.

Loved Ones are going to die.

You are going to feel lonely. 

Grow from it,

Learn from it.

Lean into it like a tree —

Trees don’t resist the weather —

they lean into it

& fully experience the wind, the rain, the storms, even the hurricanes

LEAN into you life.

Dance with it.

You’ll survive the painful times.

After Pain Comes Joy.

Life is a Journey.

Just Lean Right to Left, Front to Back &

STAND Strong Like a Tree

  Let Go to Let Come!  

~ Ridea Richardson