Relationships are like glass.

Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken

than try to hurt yourself

putting them back together.

~Author Unknown

Looking at that broken glass and broken heart…hurts…doesn’t it?  But this is how it is in love and in relationships…sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes you will get hurt and it’s  painful.

When we are in pain we start to blame others for “hurting us”.  Just like we have to let go of some relationships we have to let go of the anger we may feel towards the people who hurt us in those relationships.  Remember people don’t hurt you without hurting themselves too. Sometimes the way they treat you is more about how they feel about themselves then how they feel about you.

Still… it’s difficult to let go of anger once you’ve been hurt, because sometimes you just WANT to be angry… because you’re hurting…because someone…

~Said something to hurt you

~Did something to hurt you

~Didn’t do or didn’t say something and THAT hurt you

~Let you down

~Wasn’t there for you when you needed them

~Disappointed you

There are many ways that we can be hurt by others, and yes, it is painful.  But let that go for just a minute.

Let go of what they said, what they did, how they let you down, how they disappointed you and how you feel, just for a minute.

When you look behind the pain you feel, you begin to realize that pain (like love) is just a part of life.

Feeling this pain might be what allows you to move on – realizing that it’s a part of life and life is about growth.

This maybe when you’re suppose to move on – when you are in so much pain and the pain you feel is so intense that it cuts you open.

They may have done you a favor by showing you how they feel about you.  Maybe they spared you from YEARS of more pain. The universe may have supplied the answer that you have been seeking, by allowing this to happen, and helping you to let go of them and not trying to “fix it”.

Just be grateful for your life, your experiences, even the pain, and the hurt, and the anger that you might feel.

Everything will be alright — if you can let go –of trying to fix it — of trying to make it work out — maybe letting go of them and the anger you feel towards them is the way it is supposed to work out.