Buckroe Beach Roller Coaster 1960’s

A friend, who is going through a transitional time right now, said he felt like he was on an emotional roller coaster.  

That made me think that life is like a roller coaster ride. 

When you are born you get on the ride of the living.  

During your life you go through the ups and downs.

There are months or years of lulls which are the straight-aways and then it’s either a small up and small down (small changes)  or a steep up (highs) followed by a deep downs (lows).  

There is always another high coming from the low,  you can count on that.  

Even though you might go through some  twists and turns before you get to the next high…you know it’s coming…so expect it.   (That’s how I feel about finances – if you’ve had money before you know what that high feels like and you know how to orchestrate  it to come your way again …it’s coming).  

Just like the roller coaster ride I went on my entire childhood at Buckroe Beach (pictured above), we all knew what to expect:

  1. You knew you were going to be afraid, but you went on the ride because you wanted the thrill of the adventure.
  2.  The roller coaster was the ride that had the longest line (the next longest was the bumper cars).  
  3. EVERYONE wanted to get on the roller coaster – (Even though this roller coaster was old, rickety and was made of wood!!!)…still….you wanted to get on that ride.  
  4. You wanted to be jerked around and scared out of your wits.  (Why? You felt alive on that ride!)
  5. You would eventually come to the end of the ride and then what would you do? You’d get back in line to go again of course!  (Give it another go!)

 This is how life and life situations should be viewed.  

You know it’s a little frightening because it’s the unknown around every turn – health issues, money issues, relationship issues, issues of life and death…

…but, it’s okay…

just go with the downs (letting go)

and go with the ups (letting come)

  It will be fine and CAN be thrilling once you realize that it’s-just-a-ride.

Life is  just like a roller coaster…it’s just a ride.

One day it will end &

you’ll have to get off this ride called


Don’t let another second go by

Just raise your hands in the air

& ENJOY the experience of

this ride called Your Life 

with all the twists and the turns

& both the ups AND THE DOWNS!