The Circular Spider Web

The above is a picture of a circular spider web that was created outside my kitchen window.  This picture does not do this creation the justice that it deserves. It is TRULY a work of art. A very intricate web, just like the web of life.

How the web of life worked in my “letting go to let come” life today

Reconnecting the Past to the Present

Emailing back a friend that I hadn’t talk to in over 10 years…and I can’t remember exactly why it has been so long…but kind of like the above web, we had ventured away from the center of the web and had to find our way back…updating people who are a part of our past on what mattersfriends & family.

Input to Theory U Survey

Completing a survey email link from Otto Scharmer to help select the title for his next book about Theory U.  Using the world-wide-web and network of folks who understand and believe in Theory U to help come up with the best book title and subtitle that will resonate with those who want and need to read his next book – what matterscommunity.


Emailing back a reader of one of the posts on this site who works in Madrid in a job they know they need to resign from.  Taking the time to look up exactly where Madrid was online and just quickly scanned some of the information about it.

For some reason I wanted to turn on the television.  I can’t remember the last time I actually watched TV and had no idea really why I felt the need to turn it on. The only channel that is worth watching to me is CREATE TV.  So, I just turned on the TV and went and sat down at the craft table to start working on a piece.

Inside of 30 minutes  I heard this travel show come on called  “Smart Travels” and they started talking about going to MadridGoya Art Galleries, the night life, Hotel Ritz, Royal Tapestry Factory, Retiro Park and From Madrid to Heaven being a slogan you’ll hear when you go there.   What are the chances of that just happening?

Letting Go to Let Come

These things are not coincidences,  it’s called synchronicity…the web…

Just being where you’re suppose to be.

Being in Alignment.

Being in Sync.

Doing what matters.

Doing what you’re suppose to be doing – even if it makes no sense to you at the time.

Just let things happen.

Let come what needs to happen.

It will make sense when you look back and see all the connections of the web.

Every single day confirms, that letting go and just going with the flow,

is so much better than holding on to the past

or how you THINK things are supposed to go.

Let Come what the web of life wants to weave into your life.  

It’s not only in my life or your life that this web weaves, but in all living sentient beings.  

Look at the intricate web of life and know that everything is connected.  

What you think and do impacts everyone and everything else.  

Just be aware and conscious of that…

and smile no matter what is going in your life right now…

just smile because you have the opportunity to be a part of the web of life.