That was the advice from a 75-year-old woman who looked 50 and had the energy of a 20-year-old.

She was a volunteer helping out at the agency where I currently work. What she volunteered for included physical labor that a 75-year-old could not “normally” be expected to do.

She not only did it,  but did it with so much spirit and spunk that it was uncanny.

Before she left the site I told her I hoped the question I was going to ask would not offend her, but I wanted to know how old she was.  She told me that she doesn’t tell her age, but that she WOULD tell me.

I told her I’d like to hear her story one day.  I’d like to know how she has managed to take care of herself – her body – her mind – and her spirit – for all these years.

She was the picture of health.

If we could see more people like her we wouldn’t be “afraid” of aging. We wouldn’t be dying our hair every week, getting face lifts, and basically fighting the aging process like it was the enemy.  We would be-friend it and work with it, instead of against it.

The body is dying.  We know this.

It is decaying. It is losing it’s energy.

We don’t have to fight against that.

We can embrace it and look and act like this lady.

We can amaze people at our physical age, by the life that we live.

The next day of this project, the 75-year-old woman came back to the site just to drop-off something.  She came over towards me and I said…”Wait a minute…look who’s here…it’s Foxy”  She just started laughing as she walked over to me and whispered in my ear and said: “Don’t Limit Yourself”.  That was her secret, she didn’t limit herself.  She didn’t allow life, her circumstances or her age to limit her – never had and I could tell that she never would.

Are You Limiting Yourself?

Are you telling yourself that you can’t do it?

Are you telling yourself that you are too old?

Too Fat

The “Wrong” Skin Color

Too Young

The “Wrong” Sex

Not Physically Capable

Don’t Have Enough Money

Staying in a Job You Hate Because You’re Afraid to Quit

Staying in a Relationship That Died Long Ago, but You’re Afraid to Leave

Can’t  Possibly Do This or That Because You Don’t Have a College Degree

Can’t Start Your Own Business

Can’t Go Back to School

Can’t Finish School

Can’t Afford School

Can’t Make Friends

Can’t Get Good Grades

Haven’t Been Able To Find A Job in Over a Year and Think You Never Will

Can’t Sell Your House

Can’t Relocate

Not Pretty Enough

Not Smart Enough

Not Loveable

Take The Advice of the 75-Year-Old Woman –

Just Quit Limiting Yourself…

Just for Today Pretend Those Limits Aren’t  Really There…

Just Pretend…

How Would You Think?

What Would You Do?

Where Would You Go?

What Would You Say?

Who Would You Call?

What Would You Search For On-line?

Who Would You Get Back In Touch With?

Who Would You Call To Set-up A Meeting With?

Now….Do Some of Those Things…

Just See What Happens…Why Not?…Just For Today

(Who knows maybe there really aren’t many limits.  

How will our lives unfold if we just quit limiting ourselves?)