“Hold on when the world ain’t treating you good, you gotta hold on.  When everybody’s looking at you funny, you gotta hold on.”

~Alabama Shakes Lead Singer Brittany Howard


Holding On Letting Go

It’s the fall season.

Look at the trees as the leaves change colors.   

It’s an entire process.

Part of that process is that some leaves fall before others.

 All the leaves don’t fall at the same time.  

Some hold on until the very end.  They let go when it’s their time to let go.

Sometimes you need to continue to hold on until it is time to let go.  

If you let go too soon you’ll look back, you’ll have regrets, you’ll wonder if you did the right thing.

Sometimes holding on until you’re pretty sure, is the best course to take in certain situations.

(The below is an Alabama Shakes song , she’s singing about holding on until something changes…not necessarily to hold on, then let go…but you get the point, right?)

  • In the Letting Go Process you have to first Hold On to see if and when you need to let go….

  • You’ll have to Wait and determine if you need to let go or exactly when you need to let go….

  • You have to listen to  the Wisdom of the Ages or to family and friends who have “gone on” and are “up above” saying; “WAIT”…even when you don’t WANT to wait…even when you really want to let go…just wait…hold on…

    Letting Go is a Process

    Watch Nature – Watch the Leaves During This Fall Season If You Want To Learn How to Let Go

     Remember Letting Go Is Not Giving Up, It’s Dying to What Is to Let Come What Could Be