You don’t know how long you’re going to be in this tunnel before you see the light.

When you have to let go of something, someone, some place, some dream, your plans, who you were, who you were with, or where you were — You feel lost at first.

You have to find a new normal.

Your days and nights feel so “different”.

It’s scary at first. It’s dark.  It’s feels cold and unfamiliar.

You have no idea what’s around the next corner or what the next day will bring. 

Depending on how long you’ve been practicing letting go will depend on how you navigate your way through this tunnel.

Will you keep busy? Will you truly experience the feelings that you are having?  Will you just push through?  Will you keep going and pretend like nothing has changed?  Will you break?  Will you fall down? Will you get back up? Will you stop? Will you cry? Will you stay in the bed? Will you long for what you let go of? Will you look back? Will you keep going, not afraid, but looking forward to what’s to come?

There is this “sweet spot” in the tunnel of change.

It’s a place where you know you are closer to “letting come” something or someone new  – than you are from what you’ve had to let go of.

It’s a place where you know if you just keep going that you’re going to get through this too.

It’s a place where you know that what you let go of  — you can NEVER really get back the same way again — it’s gone…it’s in the past…your past…part of your story…

When you get to the sweet spot it’s a place where you don’t WANT to go back. It’s a place where you don’t even WANT to look back. It’s a place where you know as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other – take one day then the next  – that you will get through the tunnel.

In this “sweet spot”  you’re not quite at the point where you can see the light. You’re not at the point where you know what’s coming or what’s on the other side.

You’re at the point where all you know is that what’s ahead is not what you left behind – it will be different – that’s all you know, is that it will be something or someone different. You’re at the point when you are happy that you “finally” let go of it or them.

There is a sweet spot in the dark dank tunnel of change that you MUST go through to “let come” what is trying to emerge in you, in your life, into the world through you. 

Just know that it is scary at first when you embark into the Letting Go to Let Come Tunnel of Change, but there is a sweet spot that you hit and then it just feels like you’ve grown.  You are proud of yourself for letting go and moving on…again…