I went to a workshop last week about social marketing.

Even though I learned a lot, there was one thing that stuck with me  – The Power of ‘3’.

The presenter gave an example of how both campaigns in the current U.S. Presidential race are using the Power of ‘3’.

Power of 3

I went looking for recent articles about this (there aren’t that many???) and found the below (of course I had to find ‘3’ articles):




Based on the above I’ll look at my blogs, business cards, flyers, workshop and training designs and follow the Power of 3.

I wonder if this could work with life in general?

  • Have ‘3’ main goals at any given time
  • Work on ‘3’ things daily towards one of those goals
  • Do ‘3’ things everyday to better your life

Actually when I give this a little more thought.  It might just work to let go of trying to do EVERYTHING (sort of willy-nilly) and focus on just three things in each of life’s categories.  Maybe use a week as the time period of  measurement.


Do ‘3’ things to stay healthy; 1. drink water 2. walk 3. cook


Do ‘3’ things that I enjoy doing each week: 1. craft shows/make crafts 2. walk  3. new stuff with new people


Write down in my Gratitude Journal ‘3’ emotions that I felt (and what triggered them) during the day


Grow Spiritually by 1. Meditating 2. Encouraging Others 3. Noticing Nature


Only spend money ‘3’ days out of the week…this one sounds very promising and like a very good idea…maybe only spend on Friday’s, Monday’s and Wednesday’s


Focus on only ‘3’ networking sites to update, find colleagues or comment on 1. Linked-In 2. Etsy 3. The Presencing Institute

Good Grief…

What if Organizing Your Life is as Simple as Using the Power of 3?

Who Knows It Just Might Be!

 (I’m going to test this little theory for the month of October and see if this technique works…just to see…)