Letting go means change,

but change is going to come whether or not you are the one to let go or not.  

Change is going to come if you are going to continue to grow and to progress on your journey.

Fear  Of Change

You have to leave.  

You have to move.  

You have to say goodbye.  

You have to go a different route.

You have to take the leap of faith.

You have to resign.  

You have to not call or text back.  

You have to retire.

You have to get the divorce.  

You have to stop complaining.  

You have to quit smoking.  

You have to pay off your bills (eventually).

You have to save money for retiring.

You have to stop shopping.  

You have to leave relationships that are not healthy.

Do you HAVE to do these things?

 No, you can just keep on doing what you’re doing BUT something will change because that which can not be sustained will end – as they say in medicine the bleeding will stop (one way or the other).

Stop Being Afraid of Change.

If How You Are Living Is NOT Working  (and you know in the long run that it’s not going to work) then Let Go

Initiate & Embrace Change

(no, it’s NOT easy and it takes courage…)

Move On…Learn… & Grow…