I can’t remember where I was…some gym…somewhere…and this lady basketball player came over to me and taught me how to shoot a lay-up. She just walked up from out of nowhere, told me what to do and walked away.

She said:” just aim for the top corner and it will go in almost every time”.

It was like magic…I aimed for the corner and the basketball went in.

Life is like making that lay-up:

1. There are proven techniques and tips for living a well-lived life.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

2. People will come out of no-where to help you. Be open to the universe bringing things to you to help you. Life really doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you’re struggling then you’re forcing “your way” and maybe that’s not the way things are suppose to work out.

3. It does you no good in life to know what to do and then not do it – you have to take action.

Sometimes that action is letting go…of the familiar…of the person…of the job…of the belief…of the pain…of the hurt…of the past…

When you let go you enter into what I call the “dark tunnel of change” – a.k.a., the unknown.  You have to trust in yourself and in life in knowing that all will be well.

No matter the outcome.

Here is where most people get stuck.  Most people think of the outcome as having to be either “good” or “bad”. Regardless of the outcome (letting come) there will be aspects that are BOTH “good” AND “bad”.  There has to be because life is all about balance.  You need the night and the day, the summer and the winter, the positive and the negative (think about how a battery works- you can’t just have the positive charge only – it won’t work).

Once you truly understand this little mystery of life, it will feel like you’ve cracked the code.

You will no longer be running around chasing everything being “good” and wondering why everything isn’t “all good” in your life – wanting just happiness, light and love.   That is not realistic and not how life works.  There is sadness, there is hatred and there is death.  But sadness is the other side of happiness and death the other side of life.  It’s just opposite ends of the same coin.  You can not have one without the other.

When you practice letting go a.k.a. allowing life to happen –  not forcing things – not struggling to orchestrate everything – and not holding on to what or who is not for you then and only then will you be able to make sense out of what you are suppose to be, do and have:

  • “be”  – who you are. Most people have no idea who they are.  They are afraid to find out. They don’t like themselves and they try to fool everybody, including themselves, instead of doing the really hard work of just being who they are.  Here’s a secret: You have to figure out what you want to “be”  first (mostly because you “are a being”) then the “doing” (of that being) and “having” (for that being) will fall into place.      So, how do you figure out who you are?:
  1. Get behind that voice in your head – you know the one – the one that is talking to you all the time.  It will block you from getting to know the real you. It’s like a wall and until you can knock it down you will never know the real you.  You will only know the persona, but not what is behind all the facade.
  2. You have to develop a relationship with that voice. It is not the real you.  You can not be afraid of it.  You can not be afraid of all the scary things it will come up with once you start paying attention to it.  You will have to face it down like a bully on the playground.  Have no fear.  All it is is a bully and once you deal with it, guess what, it backs down.  How do you deal with it? First just stare it down.  Let it do it’s thing.  The only difference is that you will be paying attention to it.  Being totally aware.  How do you do this?  Lay on the couch and just let  your thoughts run wild.  Allow them to happen, but don’t attach yourself to solving anything or even thinking any of it makes sense.   In the bully analogy –  let it beat the hell out of you a couple of times.  You are just figuring out how it fights, so you will know how to conquer it.  After you can successfully do that for a while (just allow your thoughts to happen) THEN you can proceed to knock it the hell out.   How do you do that? You silence it.  You shut it down.  You stop it from all that chatter.  Expect it to fight you every step of the way. It will try to make it really hard for you to silence it because it wants to still act like it’s you.  It will tell you it CAN’T be silence.  It will tell you it’s too hard and you shouldn’t even try.  Don’t worry it can be silence and don’t give up trying no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. Once you silence that voice you will find another “still small voice” that is the real you.  You will instantly recognize it once you hear it.  Once you “hear” THAT voice (actually it sounds more like a musical tone or frequency to me) you have made the connection to the Source of everything.  This Source is in you and in everything else (the trees, the sky, the ocean, the animals, other people, ect). But you can not make the connection to it until you remove the block – face the bully – knock it out, then…you reach another level…
  3. You will realize that you ARE That Source expressing itself as a human being through your body, your eyes, your heart, using your legs, in your part of the world, ect. No one or nothing in the entire universe can be you or do what you need to do as an expression of  The Source.  Only you can be the expression of you and there is no other reason for you being here other than being who you are.  So, if you try to be someone or something else then it won’t work out.  You will always be struggling.   It’s like a fish trying to fly or a bird trying to swim.   How will you know once you’ve figured out who you are?  You  will absolutely fall in love  with that being. Then and only then will you be able to do and have what is needed for that expression. 
  • do” –  what that “being” is destined to do (purpose or reason for being)
  • “have”– what is meant for that “being” to have in order to do what it needs to “do” (it’s purpose)  

    Holding on is like shooting a lay-up with your eye’s  closed or behind your back.

Letting go is like practicing “hitting it in the corner”  – you’re focused, you’re sure,  you’re relaxed, you’re not afraid of failure…why…because you know it works…even if it doesn’t work out every single time… you know it works the majority of the time…

You let go (of what is no longer right for you or your growth) in order to let come (make room in your life for the new thing that is right for you and your growth)…and what happens?

Things work out.

You’ve Hit It In The Corner and The Ball Goes Through The Net.