There is no need to go through life alone.

There is no need to feel dependency on another to make you happy.

There is no need to have to “feel” happiness to be happy.

There is a Source that you can tap into at any time

This Source is ever-present  and you are never really alone.

You are not abandoned by another because you ARE already complete within yourself.

Because of this awareness and understanding, relationships with others just brings you further understanding of this Source.  That’s the only purpose. It’s a wonderful interplay with you and the Source.

So you ask how do you tap into the Source while in a physical body and “worrying” about problems in that body?

The Source is found in the circle: the spiral, the orbital, infinity

Start by moving a part of your physical body in a circular or figure eight fashion…

your head

your neck

your shoulders

your back

your arms

your hands

your hips

your feet

whatever body part feels natural and good to you

Try it

There is something about moving your physical body in a circular motion.

You’re  now moving like the planets – they tap into this source.

BUT…don’t try to tap in it…don’t force it…don’t wonder if you’re doing something right or wrong. (Trust me…that will just make you dizzy because you’ll probably move too fast and mechanical or not according to your own flow.)

Just remember that the source is already there, you just have to know that, sense it and feel it…and…don’t worry about what The Source is…don’t get hung on that.  Call it whatever you want, whatever makes sense to you.  Don’t let “naming it” stump you from tapping into this finer energy. Who cares what you call it?  Call it God, Call it Universal Mind, Call it the Source, Call it whatever resonates with you. (As I was typing this I asked “it” what “it” wanted me to call “it” and what came to me was “The Source”…never thought to call it that before but that resonated with me)

The Source is too big to really truly comprehend intellectually

It’s the Source of Everything  – Knowledge, Information, Answers, Questions, People. Relationships..EVERYTHING…

The Source wants to do big things if you allow it to work through you…it wants to touch you and wants to shine through you and help others through you…

Even if you don’t believe —  it doesn’t mean it’s not there — right there for you, for me, for us — it’s like the glue that holds everything together.

How will you know when you’ve tapped into The Source?

You will have an understanding you won’t even understand

You’ll want to leap

You’ll want to shout

You’ll want to sing

You’ll want to cry

You know it is real — finally — you know it is real and you’ve tapped into some mystery you can not really explain

You now see people and loved ones (many who have gone on) as ministers of The  Source to help teach you…

  • Maybe they were so powerful in their own spiritual evolution and understanding of the mystery of life that their minds had to be clouded and shrouded by a disease of the mind.  Otherwise the light from the Source would have shone too brightly for others to understand. Even through the disease of the mind a wisdom and “knowingness” came shining forth to touch others who crossed their paths.
  • Maybe they needed to suffer in this life for others to be touched by their kindness and compassion.   It was a plan to teach others how be there for the lest of those, those who suffer, to teach how to see suffering, to teach how to grow, to teach how to survive even when suffering.
  • Maybe they needed to help others that could not give them anything in return.  Maybe to show others what true love does.  That love is not about what you can get, not about you being “happy”, but about giving to others and making others happy.
  • Maybe they were creative and industrious.  Maybe they had their own business.  Maybe they had 1000 ideas but because of time and circumstance not every plan came together.  Maybe it was to show others that creative energy is alive and well and to pursue dreams and passions.

The Source Lives

Those who have gone on (somewhere beyond this earthly journey) they too live.  How could they not? I mean contemplate that for a second…how could they not?  Even if they don’t live in the flesh here they live in your heart, mind and memory. So just as you can not see them physically anymore –  this Source, Spirit, God, Universal Mind, also lives….all you have to do is tap into it…when you do none of those petty “worries” that you have will matter anymore…you have everything within you that you need…you always have and you always will…

The Source Is In The Circle