Below are the pieces that folks purchased during the NoDa All Arts Market this weekend:


This is Your Year


Purple Idea Jar

 Purple Idea Jar – 1st Purchase of my new creation!!!


Getting Burned

I heard a country song with similar words to the above and just turned the concept into an art piece.  This was purchased by a lady for her step-daughter. I guess who had been hurt by someone.  She was going to give it to her for Christmas.  She said it would be the talk of Christmas Day…imagine that!

Be a Woman

I absolutely love this quote.  It sold quickly and I knew that it would.  I’ll make more of these, because if more women thought like this they would always be happy with themselves – they’d look their best, be their best and not keep looking outside of themselves to be fulfilled.

Golden Day

One day I heard the Jill Scott song…Living My Life Like It’s Golden.  It stuck in my head.  When I sat at the craft table it was still in my head.  I had found a pot of gold  piece at TJ Maxx and just married the two on one sign.

When the lady brought it I told her what had inspired the piece and she said that she was buying it because she loved that Jill Scott song.  Cool!


No Matter What

This was purchased by a daughter to give to her mother for Christmas. She told her friend that was with her that she wanted her mom to know that even when she didn’t call her, or was mad at her that she loved her.

That’s priceless to me, because as  a mother I know that this mom will keep this piece on her refrigerator or take it into work and be reminded that her daughter loves her.

Orange Idea Jar

I had forgotten that at one point I took a picture of the Idea Jar with all the component parts.  This picture is a little blurry.  I also added a booklet to go with the whole concept so folks could use it to take notes.  The slips of paper are for the best of the best ideas.

This jar was purchased by this gentleman who came back after looking around the craft show. We had talked about the concept of the jar (don’t keep your ideas bottled up inside of yourself or the jar – pursue them or give them away).  Because I only take cash when he came back for his purchase he told me that he had sacrificed buying a drink to be able to afford to have enough money to buy his Idea Jar.  That was funny to me!


Pink Idea Jar

I had touched up some of the white paint around the edges since this picture was taken. It was purchased by a lady for her sister who is in college in Ohio I think she said.

Change and Growth

I love this one  and REALLY did not want to sell it.

It took me awhile to make it.  I kept working on the tree, the flowers and the sky over a period of time. Something about it just made me feel good working on it, looking at it and I love the quote.

A lady picked it up, put it back, then she walked away. I was thinking…thank goodness because I really didn’t want to sell it.  Then she came back and said that it fit with what was happening in her life right now and it would be a good reminder.

When you create art it is like birthing a child, and then having to give it away. It’s great when you know that someone else is appreciating what has come through you and that you are helping someone get through periods of their life.

I guess I can try to duplicate this piece, but like life and this blog you have to learn to let go. Sometimes it is “letting go”, so others can “let come” something to be birthed inside of them and in the universe. Who knows how much this little piece will help that lady who purchased it or where the piece will end up? Who knows?

Even when you really want to hold on and keep something…just be okay with letting it go… and letting things happen that you might never find out about.


Sailboat -First Painting…No Wordburning..Just Painting



Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss – Joseph Campbell.  This lady walked up to my booth like she was at home.  I sort of recognized her, but I’ve done quite a bit of shows over the year and have met a lot of people.  She read almost every sign.  She then told me that she loved my work and that she already had several of my other pieces from other craft shows all over her house.  She said she thought my booth was the best of them all!   Making people smile, making them happy, encouraging them, how do you beat that?

End Of Your Comfort Zone

Same lady who brought – Follow Your Bliss – brought the above.


Red Idea Jar

Purchased by young girl who brought it for her grandmother.  I talked to the young girl and her mom for a while about the concept and the young girl was so excited to be spending her own money for the purchase.

Business Card Holder. This was not for sale.   I had painted this wooden miniature bench and used it for my business cards.  The mother who was with her daughter that brought the above Red Idea Jar asked me for my business card.  I told her where she could find it and she wanted to know if I would sell her the bench so she could use it for her business cards. She was a crafter and made jewelry and she wanted something unique for her cards.

I hesitated a little and thought well I’d originally made it to sell, but had started putting my cards in it because it was a perfect fit…so it was okay…I just snapped a quick picture where I was painting coasters at the show, just in case I want to make another one for me or others.

I want to make more of these. There are just certain pieces that I know I want to make more of with various designs. Just to communicate a message to permeate my little corner of the world.  This is one of those pieces.

Life is Like Art

Half of the fun of setting up a booth at these craft shows are the people you meet.

I just love watching people, their interactions and the moments that are shared.

A lady came up and picked up the above piece.  She told me that she liked it and then she put it back down.

I’ve learned that with art – either people want it or they don’t – it speaks to them or it doesn’t –  so I can’t figure out how or why I would try to “sell it”…just let people “buy it” if they want it.

She then picked it up again, put it back and walked away.

I didn’t know at the time that she didn’t have any cash on her.  About five minutes later her and her sister came back  and her sister brought it for her.  You can’t beat that moment!  It was a joy to see and to experience.  I was almost in tears!


Think Big


Greatest Achievements

I’ve had both of these pieces for a while.  The same lady brought them.  Again it’s just about what resonates with folks at the time they see the piece.

Creative Center

A lady who ran an after-school program teaching young adults about being creative came up to my booth. Of course I didn’t know about all of that at the time. She only had $4, not the $5 which is the cost of most of my pieces.  She meekly asked if I would take the $4. I knew that was all that she had because I had several folks at my booth and I saw her holding the piece for a while.  I just kindof felt she wanted to speak with me after everyone had gone. When she asked me about the $1 discount I told her there was no cost for the piece. It was now more about supporting a cause and someone else’s dream.

I just hope the piece inspires some kid somewhere.

I know when I made it I kept re-working it and adding more color and wood burned dots.

Maybe some kid will get the point of this piece:

  • THEIR Creative Center IS THERE, but they have to look for it.
  • THEIR Creative Center  is their very own no one else’s.  Sometimes they will miss the mark, but they have to keep looking for it.
  • They will have to go deep and when  they discover it, it will be like all the color red in the piece…a burning point that will be ignited within and they will start to co-create with whoever and whatever the creator means to them…and they will  create something uniquely beautiful to give to the world.

Now…it’s time to find YOUR creative center…do what is inside of you to do…TODAY…and live your life like it is a beautiful piece of art…because …it is!