Want to Know the Secret of Life?

First…watch this to help you forget about what you were thinking right before you opened this post…

Here are the lyrics:

I never longed for no where,

No group of a Thousand Thieves

Take away the obvious, or the soil where I plant my seed

But each time, I close my eyes

I find myself,  declined by the judgment of another day

Sitting in the silence, in the melody of the dark

He knows that sound is, the harbor of my heart

It only grows stronger, It only grows stronger

It only grows stronger, It only grows stronger

Wake up, to the soundtrack, of this chapter in our lives

Understand the playlist, skeems, within the scenery of time

Since the day, I was born, trying to make it, to the river while waltzing through the storm

No group of, a thousand thieves, shake the rumor, my heart release

It only grows stronger, It only grows stronger

  Now, back to the Secret of Life

Here it is


Of what you say….what do I pay attention to?


But…in order to pay attention to everything you MUST first PAY ATTENTION to the Voice in Your Head.

You know the voice I’m talking about. The one that is talking to you ALL THE TIME.  It’s talking to now as you read this.  It was talking to you when you listened to the video of Trixie Whitley. Maybe it said things like:  “Who is that?  Is she new?  I’ve never heard of her?  I like her. She’s different. ”

On and on, that voice NEVER shuts up and it never will UNTIL you PAY ATTENTION TO IT.  It just wants you to pay attention to it .  Think about it like a child.  A child screams until you “really” pay attention to him or her.  That voice in your head is screaming and will continue to until you pay attention to it.

How do you “pay attention” to that voice in your head?

Just sit back and listen to it like you are listening to someone else talk to you.

Be a witness to it.

Be an observer of it.

Watch it like you’re watching a movie.

Trust me… even though many of you don’t personally know me…trust me when I tell you that if you can get this and do it, then it will change your life.

Why will this change your life?

Because right now you are probably just “living  in your head”.

You are EXPERIENCING  life WHILE you are listening to this voice in your head BUT you aren’t PAYING ATTENTION to what you’re EXPERIENCING because you are listening to this voice in your head narrate to you, talk to you, debate with you, confuse you, and tell you what to do.

Once you understand that the voice in your head is NOT you.  You know it is not you because you can watch it  like you just watched the video.   The voice is a thing. Thoughts are things. The voice is an object and you are the observer.

It is only once you have taken on the voice (wait, let me stop here) what do I mean by that?  You have to allow it to do its thing…that MIGHT be scare the hell out of you with its fears, its “scary” predictions of what could go wrong or what is wrong or let it relive the hurts and pains of the past or things you should have said or should have done.  That’s what I mean by “taking it on”.  Face it down like it’s a bully.  Just stand up to it and listen to its chatter.  Until you can do THAT and show it you AREN’T afraid of where it goes, you’ll never win the battle.

NOW once you put the voice in its place (remember it is NOT you, it’s just the voice in your head) then you can now PAY ATTENTION to the EXPERIENCES that YOU are  having in life.  All the experiences.

I don’t care if that EXPERIENCE is washing dishes.  The next time you have dirty dishes, PAY ATTENTION to every step of washing the dishes, rinsing them off, putting them in the dishwasher, putting in the dish washing liquid, starting the dishwasher or actually washing the dishes in the sink one by one.

I think about when Jesus taught that to FIND YourSelf  (that one who seats in the deep space within and can observe the voice, the real Self) you have to LOSE Yourself (the ego, the psyche, the voice in your head, the little self). Also when he taught about how to come to a higher consciousness   — as a little child. Think about a little child washing the dishes for the FIRST time.  THEY are paying attention.  THEY are thrilled to have the opportunity to have the EXPERIENCE. Move through your life like that…like a little child…just happy for the experience…no matter what it is…let the voice in your head and your emotions put a label on it as good or bad or how it makes you feel…but YOU just observe and experience it all.

Now of course while you are washing the dishes the “voice in your head” wants you to listen to it, but if you have practiced being able to separate yourself from the voice you can shut it off (practice meditation – no thoughts) and simply wash the dishes.  You can go back to listening to that hypnotic un-harnessed voice later…that’s if you want to waste another minute, waste another day, waste another year, waste another decade of YOUR life.

Once you learn to PAY ATTENTION to the EXPERIENCES of your  LIFE, you can then EXPRESS Your Uniqueness.

Express Your Uniqueness


Once you get on that track…watch out because then you will find the authentic life that only YOU can live. 

 It will be like there is a Force, there is a Wind, there is a Power, there is a Source, that moves through you…and then you ONLY GROW STRONGER every day…because…you are living your life Sitting in the Seat of the Soul or as Trixie Whitley calls it Sitting in the Silence

Now…Fall in Love with the process of discovering your Self…It’s so Powerful!