Do you want to be happy everyday of your life?

1. Look up at the Sky.

When you are walking outside or even driving your car look up at the sky.  The sky is different EVERYDAY.

It is an amazing sight to see when you study it.

The clouds, the formation of clouds, the different shapes of clouds, the different colors of the clouds.  The blue color that is ALWAYS behind the clouds…no matter the number of clouds…that blue is ALWAYS behind the clouds.

Like your life…no matter the circumstances (good or bad depending on your perspective)…there is ALWAYS stability behind your daily life ups and downs…weather you realize it or not.

2. Watch the Birds.

Watch their behavior.  Listen to their songs. Watch them take flight.  Watch them watching you. And oh my…if you are as blessed as I have felt over the last several months…watch the eagles fly high in the sky. You are in for such a treat it will take your breath away.

Imagine if you lived your life-like an eagle in flight in the sky.

Soaring high, effortlessly, soaring through life not flailing and flapping your wings to fly…just soaring.Trees

3. Notice ALL the Trees.

They are living.  They stand tall.  Their limbs sway in the wind.  Their roots go deep and wide.  They just stand.  They watch.  They know.

And oh, the trees that are “dead” are so fascinating.  They are “dead” but STILL standing.  They are “dead” but STILL have character.  They are “dead” but STILL speak.

Books can not hold the lessons you will learn first-hand by looking at the trees. They change when the season’s change, they stand tall through the storms, and they are steadfast.

Have you ever thought of living your life that way…being okay with change – embracing it, not fighting it…standing tall through the storms of life…and being steadfast in your convictions, values and relationships.

So, today, tomorrow and the next day

Look up at the sky (really look at it),

Watch the birds (listen and look at them), and

Notice the trees (both the ones that are alive and “dead”)

You will discover the in Awe and Wonder of Nature – Life