“To be a person is to have a story to tell.” ~Isak Dinesen

Everybody has a story.

You have a story.

Everybody you meet today has a story.

Tell Your Story

We all have stories.

Your mom has (had) a story. Your dad has (had) a story.  Your ancestors, your children and their children all have or will have stories. 

Nina Simone was a FABULOUS piano player and she had her story. Here she is making up a song as she goes along…and telling us to “tell our story”.  She says towards the end that “we always, we always, we always have a story” and plays the piano with passion as she goes in the creative zone.


 What’s Your Story? Are You Telling It? Will You Listen To Someone Else’s Story Today?  They Want to Tell Their Story Too.   Letting Go (of What Is) & Letting Come (What Could Be) Is a Story of Transformation.

Don’t be Afraid To Let Go (of something/someone/some place) that you know that you need to let go of. If it no longer fits and no longer works for who you have become, then let it go. It Will Just Be Part of YOUR Story, so have courage and LET GO…(go into the tunnel of the unknown, you’ll come out on the other side)…LET COME the future that wants to emerge as a part of YOUR story.

Here is Nina Simone singing and playing “Feelings” with so much feeling…at about 3:10 she is simply amazing –