The Jesus Story is a perfect example of  Letting Go to Let Come

It’s the time of year when Christians celebrate Easter.  Just like Christmas it can be commercialize and all about Bunny’s and Easter Egg Hunts.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it can be fun, especially for children.  But, as an adult, (no matter your religious beliefs) there is something deeper in this story that can help you to realize your full potential as a human being and give you a model for change and growth.

Letting Go = Good Friday = DYING to what is…

As the story goes, Jesus picked-up his cross and carried it to his death. We too have to face our burdens, our past poor decisions, our blind beliefs, our toxic relationships, our dead-end jobs, and our money problems. We have to look at ’em and recognize that it’s time to MAKE a CHANGE.  It’s time for your current reality to begin coming to an end.

Jesus was nailed to the cross. He hung there. He died. We too have to let go of those things that need to die in our lives. We might want to hang on and try to make things that are really dead not seem like they are, but in the end we have to let go of those thoughts, things, people, jobs, and places that have run their course.

In the Tunnel of Change = Jesus In The Tomb = TRANSFORMATION

Jesus was in the tomb for three days.  He was unseen. He was gone. Folks were wondering where He was and what would become of them and their world without Him in it.

Although Jesus was in the unknown realm, He was going through a transformation.

When you let go of “what is” you too will have to go through a transformation… AND… it is TOUGH.  Don’t think that it is not, because it is. When you are in the transformation stage of the growth process you are in-between “Letting Go” and “Letting Come”.  I call this phase The Tunnel of Change.  It can be dark and dank in the tunnel.   You don’t know how long you will be in the tunnel.  It could be 3 days or it could be 3 Years.

Sometimes when you are in this tunnel all you can do is hold on to knowing that you will get out of the tunnel, EVENTUALLY.  But, when you are in this tunnel there is a point that you get to that I like to call The Sweet SpotJesus Let Go Too

The Sweet Spot is where you know that what you let go of is gone, you can’t get it back, and  most importantly you don’t want it back, don’t want to look back, and don’t want to go back.

Think about a love relationship that you let go of.   You struggled to let go of this relationship and when you finally did you didn’t immediately feel good.  There was a lot of built up momentum of thoughts, memories and history that you had to work through.  You wondered if you made the right decision, and at the right time.  You missed the person.  You might have even wanted them back because you were so lonely.

This is the absolutely miserable part of the beginning of a transformation process. You have to work through this initial walk through the tunnel (dark night of the soul) in order to make it to the sweet spot. 

When you get to the sweet spot, in the example of the love relationship: even though you are still alone, you KNOW you made the right decision.  You KNOW that person was hindering your growth.  Yes, you ARE still alone, but you KNOW at some point that someone  new will come into your life. You don’t know when, but you begin to anticipate what is to “come”. You are so proud of yourself for letting go of “what was” , because it was NOT and NEVER would have worked for you and your future.   

In the sweet spot you are  closer to the “letting come” phase then you are from the “letting go” phase.

When you get to the sweet spot in the tunnel of change start to use your time to grow and get ready for the new thing that’s coming. Prepare yourself with some deliberate choices  and actions.  In the example of the love relationship: you might start or continue to get in good physical shape, take care of your body, mind and spirit.  Start doing activities that YOU enjoy, and be the type of person that YOU want to be with.  Be thinking about not necessarily the checklist of the person you want to manifest in your life, but more importantly how YOU want that person to make YOU feel. You need to know what you want to come your way, or you might miss it when it shows up.

Something or someone new is going to come, you might as well be a part of making it happen and co-creating it with the universe.  Until you get REALLY clear on your intentions then, yes, something is going to come, but it might be similar to what you just let go of…that’s no fun…you then have to go through letting go of something/someone very similar to what you just let go of because you didn’t learn that particular life lesson the first time…bummer…

Letting Come = Easter Sunday = RESURRECTION

As the story goes, Jesus is no longer in the tomb.  He has risen. He is the Christ. He is completely spiritual, and no longer housed in a human body.  He is now within.  Within what you might ask?  Within every heart that has lived and will live on the earth.  He had to let go of his earthly life in order for this spiritual realization (Kingdom) to come.

There is something more, something better, more fulfilling and better aligned for you as well:   A New Job, A New Relationship, A New Town, A New Business, A New Body, A New Baby, A New Spiritual Walk, A New Career,  A New .. fill in the blank…

I am not sure where you are in the Letting Go to Let Come process right now, but no matter where you are, know that all of life is about letting go to let come.

It always has been since you were born (letting come/or letting go depending on how you look at it) and always will be until you die (letting go/or letting come depending on how you look at it). 

Don’t be afraid of Good Friday and Death (to what is) because Easter Sunday and Resurrection (what will be) is coming. 

Now…What Do You Know For Sure That You Need To Let Go Of?  That’s Your Just Quit Thing…Let It or Them Go…Just Do ONE Thing TODAY to Start the Process of Creating Your Future Self and Life