No Soul. No Joy. No Reason.

That was one of the comments as to why someone was thinking about quitting their job without another one.

That sums it up for so many who are miserable in their jobs and henceforth with their lives. People are hurting.  Many… people… are…really… hurting. To everyone out there going through this please know that even though you feel like you are alone, you are not alone. I know that it is very, very hard for you to believe, BUT you will make it through this time in your life and your current work situation.  I can remember that feeling of hopelessness, but just know that this will come to an end (and without anyone getting hurt).   

Summary of Survey Results Ending March 31, 2013:

30 Respondents

Gender and Income Levels: 




Income Levels







4 Countries:

United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom

12 States in the U.S.A.: 

California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana, and New York

Below Are The Comments from March 1 – March 31, 2013 to “Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?”

  • It is toxic, micromanagement, boss told me it is his way or no way at all and he is doing everything possible to put me in the wrong direction and says so with happy face. Toxic!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Illegal practices going on in business. Backstabbing.
  • I want to Quit because I hate my job. The only reason I have not quit is because I don’t have another job lined-up. I have an idea of what I want to do, but am worried what other people (i.e. parents) might think.

I live with my parents, and don’t have to pay any rent. I have no children and no other responsibilities.

The money I have saved could last me for at least a year.
So why don’t I just leave my job?

Several reasons:
1) I don’t like the stigma that comes with being unemployed and other people judging you.

2) Before my current job, I was unemployed for 1 year and
6 months. I’m worried I won’t find another job.

2) I want to spend time playing and building my Online Poker bankroll. I’ve been playing on and off for 2 years. I have read books, played over a 100k hands and I believe that if I put in a lot of hours I can be successful.

  • I am depressed and disengaged. The job is boring and I am not appreciated.
  • I get physically sick at the thought of going to work.
  • I don’t like the customers
    There are too many weird and/or dangerous incidents
    I am feeling burned out
    I am tired of doing the same thing all the time
  • Because I have no soul, no joy, no reason to maintain this equilibrium anymore.
  • I’ve survived in an incredibly difficult and low paying job that’s affecting my health, has left me filled with rage and depression for the past two years, and shows every sign of getting worse. The people I work for have proven to be distrustworthy on more than one occasion, and constantly employ bad business ethics and bully anyone who stands up to them. For instance, it is routine to deny minimum wage workers legal overtime pay for many overtime hours worked on a WEEKLY BASIS. I am in a management position, and have tried to curtail these practices with every plea–short of filing a federal wage claim (which I was also bullied about)–to no avail. My family has plead for me to leave this job because it has left me completely isolated, emotionally and physically unwell, beyond stressed, and very angry to be unable to stop corrupt business practices. Also, did I mention I’m working in the food service industry? Oh, and I’m also barely making above minimum wage myself, uncompensated for overtime hours worked, and I’m not allowed my basic benefits or raises at all because apparently “the franchise doesn’t have money”. I’m also no longer able to work a set schedule, and I’m never allowed to request a day off for illness, family matters, or otherwise, in two years of work–which makes scheduling an interview difficult.
  • I don’t feel happy at that company.
    I don’t get along well with my co-workers there.
    It is one of the most unorganized places I have worked at.
    My background doesn’t fit our current tasks very well, so I am not learning anything new that I can apply to elsewhere.
  • Unhealthy environment. Becoming physically sick from the stress and demands

Are You Prepared to Quit? Statistics

77% have completed their spreadsheet to find out how long they can go without a job

85% have saved (or have access to) enough money for basic expenses for 6 months

59% have a general idea or specific plan about what they really want to do

81% thought about “the story” they will tell about “Just Quitting” (while between employment)

37% talked to others who have “Just Quit”

92% have thought about how the decision will impact their families

74% have determined the actual date that they can “Just Quit”

48% have already written their resignation letter

40% have thought about how they will celebrate when they “Just Quit”

 A couple of things that stood out to me about the above stats regarding preparing to Just Quit:

  • Of everything on the checklist more than 90% of all respondents are thinking about the impact this decision will have on their families.  From my experience of being in a job that is making you miserable, yes,  you do have to talk to your family, BUT do not expect them to understand what you are going through.  They are not going through the emotional and physical turmoil that you are experiencing on this job.  Yes, you have to take their feelings and needs into account, BUT you have to do what is best for YOUR overall health or you will not be able to be there for your family.  STRESS IS REAL. This is where the careful “Just Quit” timing and planning is necessary.  The more you get into planning for your “Just Quit” date the more momentum starts to build towards being able to leave that job.
  • A little less than 60% know what they really want to do. So in other words, 4 out of 10 people still don’t know what they want to do as a profession and/or what they would be happy doing. Again, if you don’t know what your talents and skills are and what you would be good at then you are likely to fall back into something that makes you miserable. I have done some research and think I might have found an online app from a company in Great Britain that might prove to be helpful in this area.  I need to check it out first before I post about it and recommend it.
  • Because I know what it feels like to be miserable in a job I completely understand why only 40% have given any thought to how they will celebrate after they are out of their current work environments. Let me explain why it is important to think about celebrating.  A Celebration has to be planned because without that you could fall into a deep depression because there is no clear line of demarcation of the letting go process so the letting come new job/career/adventure process can take root.  If you don’t do anything else start just imagining your celebration.  There is something about visualizing the celebration that helps you to make it real!  Here’s how I celebrated:

I did NOT look back when I walked out of the building for the last time.   I kept walking forward, just continued  walking and  looking forward.  I didn’t know it then, but I know it now that that was very important for me not to look back at what I was letting go of but to look forward to what was coming.  When I was driving home I was screaming in joy and relief all the way down the interstate highway. When I got home I was so grateful that that period of my life was finally over.  I got dressed and went out to dinner at a restaurant with friends who had helped me through the Just Quit process. This was fun because it was almost like a victory for them as well to watch someone actually have the courage to leave a “great job” without another job to go to.   Then the big celebration was waking up when I was finished sleeping and not to an alarm clock to go to my daily appointment  – THE BEACH –  I went to the beach every single morning.  I enjoyed the sun, walking on the boardwalk, watching the waves, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and of course calling all my friends around the world to tell them that I had actually quit!!! So, think about how you will celebrate, it will propel you towards those experiences and make them happen.

  • Only 3 out of 10 people have talked to others who have “Just Quit” to get some mentoring and guidance in this process.  I guess that’s what this blog is about. I’m calling on those who have “Just Quit” a job before having another one who have a story to tell.  Send me your story; let me post it for you.  Trust me you will help somebody.  Even if that somebody is just yourself.  There is something magical about getting your story out into the world.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau