Below are the craft pieces that I sold last weekend and the stories behind them.

Grow, Use All The Crayons and 2013 Planning


Life Is About Using All The Crayons


A lady came up and told me she needed something to encourage her mother,  who was 65, almost ready to retire and had one adult child who used her (yep, there is always one user in every “happy family”).

We went around my booth looking for possibilities.  She laid eyes on GROW and picked it up immediately.  So, this was my first sale of the night.  She actually purchased three pieces, which included two of my favorite pieces.

Two pieces that I did not really want to sell.

Both GROW and Use All The Crayons were my favorites. My heart was in pain selling them.

All I kept thinking about was that I am doing what I set out to do – Give Encouragement to Others.  Give people courage…give them hope…help them cope… help them to go on…to push through…to make it…to do better…to wake up the next day and to have heart.

The lady said as I was bagging up her items: “I like your sayings, because they are not in your face type of encouragement”.  EXACTLY.  So, I guess Encouraging Words & Gifts is fulfilling its mission.

My Healing Is At Hand



A lady came up and picked up the piece and told me about her sister who was very ill.  She was going to travel to see her sister soon and wanted to “encourage her”. I understood that.   This piece has been around awhile.  I made it very early on when I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I re-worked it a couple of times.  I still looked at it and thought a 10-year-old could have made it because of the free hand font. So, I’m glad it found a good home.

Sailboat & Radmacher Quote

New Oceans


Radmacher Quote

A couple brought both of the pieces, they didn’t share their stories with me why they were purchasing them. These are two pieces that I had around my house on the refrigerator and on downstairs bathroom wall.  I liked looking at them.  Both of them took me hours and hours and hours on and off to create them. It’s all good…it’s still about encouraging others and me learning to let go…

Wave of Change

Waves of Change

A same-sex couple came up and looked at several pieces.  They settled on this one.  Life is about change.  That’s basically all it’s about.  With this piece I thought of the ocean and being a part of one ocean.  Learning to enjoy the waves of life – both the ups and the downs.  I hope they enjoy it.  I just think sometimes about these pieces being on somebody’s refrigerator and then they move and pack it up to put it on a new refrigerator half way across the world. I mean, you can’t beat this art thing, it’s real.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

There is an interesting story behind this one.  I was down at another ladies booth.  When you do these art/craft shows not only do you meet interesting “customers” if that what you want to call them, but also the other artist/crafters/designers/ect are equally very interesting people.  We all end up helping each other in some way:  with art ideas,  how to market,  info about the upcoming shows, how to attract folks to your booth, ect.

If you’ve never been behind a booth then you can’t know the ends and outs of doing this.   I guess it helped me to have a stint in marketing and setting up a booth to market a credit union at one point in my “career”.  But with personal art that you have created it a little different then working for a company or organization that you are representing.  Here you are representing a “very deep” part of yourself.  There is so much planning behind it, creating your inventory, preparing your inventory to be ready to show, all the physical work to set up your booth, getting over the rejection from folks who think your wares are crap (I’ve enjoyed this aspect of it because I learned that art is a little like love, either it is or it isn’t), telling the same story about how you made something or what something is, or how much it cost, over and over and over again.  When you do enough of these shows it’s almost like a community of sorts…travelings gypsies is what it feels like to me…

So, I was down at a clothing designer’s booth who had asked me give her some advice about her product.  She had taken yoga pants and added fabric and cuts to make them original and unique garments.  While I was down there my neighbor booth person came up to tell me that  “someone wanted to give me money!” meaning someone was at my booth and wanted to buy something.  I thought that was funny the way he put it.

When I got back to my booth there was a lady holding the above piece in her hand.  She said she just HAD to have it. She was a massage therapist and wanted to put it in the space where she worked.  I knew it would take someone who understood energy and chakra’s to buy this piece.  I was trying to depict the Kundalini Energy awakening.  I could tell that this woman really got it, she understood what this all meant.

She also told me that I should/could increase my prices. I told her that I just wanted to get the message out there  and to encourage others.  Then she said: “the spirit that  is in your art is worth more than you are charging”.  I might have to consider it.  The economy has gotten better.  I can now accept credit cards and it is SO HARD to sell the pieces that I love.  Not that getting a couple of extra bucks is going to make a big difference…but maybe…

Be New & Improved and The Joy Mandala

New and Improved

Joy Mandala


The two were purchased by the booth owner beside me, Brad.  I remembered his name because he and his wife were so nice and friendly to work beside (some people aren’t, so it’s nice when you find those who are).  He brought them both and told me that one was for him.  He asked me to guess which one I thought was for him.  I picked the Joy one and he said no it was the Shakespeare quote.

He also asked me if these would stay on the refrigerator because the wood was so thick.  I told him I thought so.  I hope so.  I don’t think I ever tested the New and Improved One.

The Joy piece was interesting to make and I added a note on the back that the Mandala depicted life with all the ups and down and ins and outs…but… at the center of life needs to be JOY.  It’s wasn’t really a pretty piece but one with a deep message and lots of soul.

Yes, I feel like some of these pieces that I’ve “sold” were a part of my “soul”.   Can you sell part of your soul?  Part of yourself. Does that mean that part of you is gone forever?   Maybe it only means that you are connecting to the deeper parts and really touching the larger Self.  Can you put a price tag on that?  Maybe that’s why there is such a thing as “starving artists”…you don’t want to put a price tag on it because you don’t want to “sell it”. 

That’s just how artsy creative stuff is I guess.  It comes from some place else and just comes through you then other people recognize that beauty and it speaks to them.  Something to ponder. 

It’s all good…time to get ready for the next show… the making of the art…creating…the work of the soul coming through…

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