Quits Rate

For All Those Miserable In Your Job — It’s Just a Wake Up Call — Have Courage and ANSWER THE CALL

Summary of Survey Results Ending April 30, 2013:

85 Respondents


65% Female

35% Male

Income Levels:

58 % – Under $50,000

33% – $50,000 – $100,000

9% – Over $100,000

11 Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Finland, Malta, Philippines, and Singapore

Almost Half of the United States of America is represented with 24 States: California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, D.C., Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Washington, Iowa, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, and New Mexico

Comments to the Question –  Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

  1. I have nothing but contempt and feel as if my life is being wasted
  2. I am thinking about quitting my job without another one because I need clarity. I spend so much of my life working or in school and worrying about if my decision to quit will affect my entire family. I know I need to take some time off to find some clarity, but I get so nervous that I always talk myself out of it. My brain is fried and my body is weak. I just can’t take the fact knowing that I am still working in hell.
  3. Because this job is such a spiritual emotional and integrity disconnect and I fantasize about escape every day and I can’t breathe.
  4. I’ve been incredibly happy the past few years. I started by taking jobs that no one wanted to do in my department in order to “pay my dues”. Now I’m doing the job I had thought I wanted but I’m still unhappy. The staff has changed since I first started out, and my boss who mentored me is gone. My bossy co-worker is my new boss and doesn’t have any idea of the weekends, evenings, happiness I sacrificed in order to get here. He doesn’t trust me to do my job without looking over it, and requires everything to be just so. There is no room to grow in this department, and I feel as though I’m not developing any skills in my profession. I don’t enjoy the work, which also has tight deadlines and causes me so much stress that I’m exhausted when I get home. I have random fits of tears and depression, panic attacks and I can’t get my digestion to get back on track. I also feel like it’s preventing me from losing weight despite all efforts. It’s not what I see myself doing in the future.
  5. I do not make enough and this job is destroying my health and happiness. I am turning into a person I do not want to be.
  6. It is negatively affecting my mental health.
  7. The salary is too small. I’m always asked to do work that is not in my job description, without any just compensation or even due credit.
  8. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not happy every day. I don’t enjoy going to work. I’m my happiest when I’m not at work. I’m tired of being other people’s crutch to do whatever they want me to do. I need to be my own person. What’s the point of faking happiness when there’s real happiness to be found and experienced? I need to be out of my comfort zone for once to kick myself in the ass to do something for myself professionally.
  9. I hate my job. I dread going into work every morning, and am always looking for an excuse to get out of work. It’s not that I don’t like the actual job itself, but I don’t like the management style, or the environment that I’m in. My boss, who I used to think was a great boss, is actually a terrible manager. I don’t know how much longer I can last.
  10. I am miserable in continuing to do something that I do not love to do.
  11. Cannot get things done with the team. stress levels sky high, not confident
  12. I am anxious, depressed and don’t have any way to change it
  13. I am quitting my job because my boss is disrespectful to all his employees. He has no problem belittling and embarrassing us in front of the patients and he is just rude in general. I am constantly stressed, always in a sour mood and have gained 15 pounds since I started there three months ago. I do not have another job lined up but I feel that for the sake of my mental and physical health this is the best solution.
  14. Because I have to for myself.
  15. I do not see myself in this work in the longer term
  16. Management treating me with no dignity. For their amusement, they made me clean all four bathrooms, when I was cleaning them, I realized how degrading my job is, and planned to quit.
  17. My health has been declining from the stress. I cry almost every day. The stress has become unbearable. I want to have time again to relax and to rediscover myself without stress surrounding everything I do. The stress at my job currently follows me everywhere so it’s hard to just have fun outside of work even. I also want to make a career change and want to narrow down what I’d like to do (I am pretty sure I want to become a programmer or web developer.) I feel broken and want to feel whole again.
  18. Because the stress of my job is affecting my health. Poor management and failure to acknowledge my abilities wears on me. I also feel very strongly in my heart that this is the wrong place for me.
  19. The stress that this job has put on me has literally made me unemployable and unable to perform simple tasks. My heads too clouded with “business work –  do this  – do that” and so forth.
  20. I would like a career change. I don’t enjoy the long travel and being stuck in an office
  21. I am stuck in an abusive job. I love the job itself but my immediate boss is a megalomaniac and sociopath who wants everything done how he would do it, but with the added benefit of shirking accountability for anything that is instigated by him. He keeps me in hours and hours of useless meetings just to find fault with my hard work which until now was always praised by others. To him, everyone is stupid and useless except for him and he verbalized this frequently. His boss is so paranoid of losing his job that he doesn’t care how anyone is affected by seemingly arbitrary decisions that invariably affect us negatively. The final straw was a recent demotion for which not a shred of an acceptable rationale was given. No guidance from either manager, just impossible timelines, expectations and harsh criticism.
  22. Because I hate every second of it.
  23. I have plenty of money my job is just stressful beyond belief
  24. Because I am miserable every day. I dread every single working hours. Sunday night is a torture. Monday is worse. Underperforming. Lack of motivation to work.
  25. To find my next passion in life. Single, 30, enjoyed my time in the office world.
  26. Not career field I want. Stressed to the max, depressed.
  27. To focus on applying for a master’s degree.
  28. My health finally realizing my dream of working on my weight and my mind
  29. I cannot seem to even figure out what I have any passion for- no energy nor can I concentrate to really think about what really makes me happy, I have no idea at this point. I make it to the weekends drained and always seem to think about what is coming up the next day or the next week- sometimes it is worse than others.
  30. I am not happy doing what I am doing…I want to work in forensics and this job is nowhere near where I want to be.
  31. I wake up dreading the coming day.
  32. I feel mentally drained and after work and can’t concentrate on anything. I feel physically sick / anxious.
  33. I’m sick of taking shit from other people that think they are entitled to it because they are above me in the corporate ladder. Every single day I want to grab them by the ears and knee them in the face.
  34. Intentional infliction of emotional distress by owner of company. Relentless.
  35. I start to dread Monday morning at 9:30 am Sunday morning
  36. I’m ill all the time due to the stress. I’ve not been healthy for over a year.
  37. The job is pointless. No satisfaction at all. Not appreciated. In fact, I believe I’m being actively encouraged to leave. Disliked by my boss.

Are You Prepared to Quit?

61% have completed a spreadsheet to find out how long they can go without a job

76% have save (or have access to) enough money for basic expenses for 6 months

72% have a general idea or specific plan about what they really want to do

78% thought about “the story” they will tell about “Just Quitting” (while between employment)

35% talked to others who have “Just Quit”

88% have thought about how the decision will impact their families

51% have determined the actual date that they can “Just Quit”

48% have already written their resignation letter

56% have thought about how they will celebrate when they “Just Quit”

General Comments:

I have areas that I want to explore. Two of them I base my life around outside of my job.

I am very nervous about the unknown in the decision I have made.

I hope this is the right decision.

I know in my heart that my job as a Happy Coach (trademark) will fill me with joy!


Quits Rate

For All Those Miserable In Your Job — It’s Just a Wake Up Call — Have Courage

 You will never do anything in this world without courage.

It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. ~Aristotle